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  • Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

    By Kathy Lien This book focuses heavily on fundamentals, but the new edition includes chapters on trading methodologies, statistical analysis, and, of course, additional strategies. I have also added comprehensive sections on how to trade like a hedge fund manager and the impact of seasonality in the currency market.

  • The Forex quick guide for beginners and private traders

    By Easy Forex This book has been developed to help the Forex beginner become a Forex trader.

  • High Probability Trading Strategies

    By ROBERT C. MINER High Probability Trading Strategies is one of the few trading books from which you can learn a complete trade management plan from entry to exit. If you are a new trader or one who has not yet found consistent success in the business of trading futures, stocks, or forex, you will learn specific trade strategies, from how to identify high probability trade conditions, to the specific entry and stop price, through exit strategies that are designed to maximize the gain from any trend.

  • 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

    By Grace Cheng This book describes seven fundamental and technical trading strategies for trading the foreign exchange markets. The purpose of this book is to show you how you can trade forex with these winning strategies. I will share with you some new ideas, interesting concepts, and the nuts and bolts of how you can implement each strategy more effectively.

  • How to trade stocks and Forex with Fibonacci numbers

    By Simon This e-book will show you what Fibonacci trading is all about and teach you how to use it. You will learn which trigger works best and when is the right time to exit. There is an important chapter about money management, because, without capital preservation, you are doomed to failure. I will teach you when and how to enter a trade and when to exit it.


    By TradingPub As you read this book, you will be exposed to multiple strategies that have high probabilities of success and/or high profit. Many of these strategies were selected by pouring over webinars that have been hosted by TradingPub in the recent past.

  • Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies

    By Michael Duane Archer This book is meant to give you an initial perspective on various methods and a simple method on which to build.

  • 10_Essentials_of_Forex_Trading

    By Jared F. Martinez This book covers these technical skills : 1. How to find market direction in any time frame, anytime, 24 hours a day. 2. How to establish a successful entry strategy that works consistently. Every trader wants the market to move in his or her direction from entry. 3. How to create two solid exit strategies: one to protect yourself financially should the market not go your way, and one to capture profit if it does.

  • Forex Trading Secrets: Trading Strategies for the Forex Market

    By JAMES DICKS n, and training needed to become a true professional in this field. The overview includes a history of the FOREX and its basics, as well as a thorough description of all the fundamental, technical, and psychological aspects and how they merge and interact in the market’s behavior. Finally, some of the preferred trading systems are described in detail and discussed as additional elements to help you practice and build your trading toolbox.

  • Naked Forex

    BY ALEX NEKRITIN WALTER PETERS, PhD Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading without Indicators provide an honest and effective presentation about forex trading that certainly beginners need, and that more experienced traders forget they need.

    Naked Forex

  • Forex-trading-for-beginners.

    By The goal of this guide is to give you practice knowledge so you can understand Forex trading basics and trade by yourself. If you don’t understand some terms, go to sites like Investopedia, they covered all terms like margin, pip and many others.

  • Forex trading Strategies

    By IFC Markets The trading strategies we represent are suitable for all traders who are novice in trade or want to improve their skills. All the strategies classified and explained below are for educational purposes and can be applied by each trader in a different way.

  • Financial Freedom through FOREX

    By Greg Secker and Chris Weaver The book should, therefore, be read progressively—especially if you are a complete beginner. Jumping straight to the back of the book and reading only the strategies would minimise the impact that the strategies have on your personal trading account.