Five Best Ways You Can Deal With Google Negative Reviews

Getting a bad Google review is really a nightmare for any business as it can badly destroy the reputation of your brand or services. You spend your time, money, effort, and hard work to stand your company to a level. And, it further gets spoiled by your haters with the bad reviews.

It’s really very sad, that receiving a bad review is not common for the few businesses, but there are many businesses who have experienced such dreadful situation. Many such problems are being regularly reported towards the online reputation management service provider.

However, if you are also getting such trouble, you first need to become cool instead of becoming panic or anger. Because you have many effective ways that can help you fix Google negative reviews. Just, follow the steps as shown below:

1. Respond to the negative or fake reviews

As you cannot be able to remove the reviews, so you need to respond towards their reviews. Even if you are aware that bad reviews are fake, you still need to respond quite politely and positively.

This is needed because you are not only appeasing the critic, you are expressing your prospects that how you resolve the customer dissatisfaction.

You should immediately respond towards the fake or bad review because your prompt response shows that how you are fully committed towards the customer service.

The majority of the people who go through your reviews are the people who are interested to acquire your products or services. So, you also need to assure through the review that these issues are not going be repeated again with any customer.

2. Flag or Dispute, if it’s fake Google reviews

Google has given right to flag the fake review so that it can remove for you. Here’s the step you can follow to flag or dispute the fake reviews:

  • Just open the Google maps and look for your business
  • Click to see all the reviews and select the fake one you want to flag
  • Now, find the three vertical dots given just towards the upper right corner in the review area and click over “Flag as inappropriate”.
  • If these steps do not work, you can call Google and follow the flagged reviewed status or you can fill the Google form to request for legal removal.

3. You can contact Google My Business Support (GMB)

IF you are completely helpless to remove the fake reviews, you have the option to get directly in touch with the team of Google My Business Support (GMB).

There are various ways to get in touch with GMB, but the direct messaging on Twitter seems to be the most effective way. This may be considered as the quirkiest way to have a resolution, so you can go for it.

4. Be focused to increase the positive reviews

In any business, it is not always possible that you will always and only have positive reviews. Because, you will always find some customers, who will never satisfy with your products and services.

Fake reviews are always added to the page that already has good reviews, so fake reviews are only going to bring average score down.

So, you should try to get at least three positive reviews in a month with the Google + page. This is slowly going to help you create a good reviews portfolio.

There are also many review strategies that you can follow to increase the reviews.

5. Always be on the top of the negative reviews

Staying on top of the negative reviews, always help to turn your bad review into the good review, so you should be active towards their complaint

You may have the example like, if some customer was not happy with your service and commented bad review, you just replied their comment with resolution. This may further allow the customer to change their review.

So, these are some of the most effective ways that can help you fix the bad or Fake Google reviews

However, if you don’t have much time to do all these above activities, you can consult many online reputation management service providers. These service providers can perfectly deal with any kind of issues concerning any kind of reviews.

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