Fake Plants: How To Make Them Look More Realistic

The reputation of fake plants in home decor has always been bad, especially when it comes to accents. Thankfully, artificial plants are back, thanks to the millennial generation and the rise of swoon-worthy, picture-perfect spaces! The advantage of faux replicas is that they don’t require constant upkeep and may not even have finicky behaviour. We’d like to share a few tips on how to make faux plants look more real – wherever they are displayed, for those who have been hesitant to try them out because of their outdated reputation.

 Location matters

Even though it may seem obvious, it’s always good to remember where you reside. No light in dark, ugly corners is a dead giveaway that your plant isn’t real. Rather, place it in a spot that gets a lot of natural light or that has some breathing space; in turn, this will create the impression of natural life in the room. You can even adorn your wall with artificial but real looking wall-hanging plants.

Buy high-quality fake plants:

Know that you’re making an investment if you take the plunge. Materials of high quality and expert botanist craftsmanship are hard to find, which is why our collection of various and adhere to any budget. It means that no matter how much time has passed, you will always look fresh and beautiful.

Backing up realistically:

You might want to start by mixing a fake plant with complementary real ones if you’re still on the fence about displaying one. The effect of this will not only emulate a real-life environment but also make your artificial plant harder to detect. The addition of artificial plants to an existing garden of real plants will seamlessly blend the two together. The addition of plants near the windows will allow them to blend in more, even if you don’t have real ones. If possible, place it on a window sill or table that receives natural light. You can get the benefits of nature by placing real flowers next to a window.

Identify Your Plants:

You can make your fake plants look more realistic by occasionally relocating them to different parts of your house or office. A bouquet of flowers will never last indefinitely in the same place, no matter how green your thumb is. Consider changing its location or maybe the container it will be displayed in to give the subject a new lease of life. The idea is to promote the idea that the plant is continuing to thrive while also bringing life to the space it occupies.

Maintain a Clean Environment:

Although they may be easier to maintain than a real plant (no need for light or water!) they still require some maintenance since a hint of dust is sure to ruin the façade of your faux-green thumb. It is imperative to dust them appropriately so they remain real and fresh.

Artificial Plants: How to Style Them

Added confidence to your styling will make artificial plants look real. Real plants have discolourations and other natural elements, so when styling, consider the product image as a point of reference; remember that real plants don’t have right or wrong answers.

Upon receiving your artificial plant, it will most likely be wrapped in plastic for protection and in a box, so it will need some styling. Please make sure that the plant stands vertically without damaging or breaking the container. Whenever you are ready to begin shaping, start at the bottom by pulling each section/tier carefully. Each branch can be shaped one at a time. When the branches are separated, separate the branches from the base. This step is called “fluffing.”

How to make fake plant leaves look real? You can make the leaves more realistic by creating a slight curve on the leaves. Repeat the process throughout, and always start at the bottom. After you are done, place it wherever you like and admire it. Keep it clean with a feather duster regularly.

The most important point:

Buy fake plants from reputable artificial plant sellers like Designer Vertical Gardens. You’ll find a stunning collection of life-like artificial plants.