Baby Shower

Everything You Should Know Before Sending Out Baby Shower Invites

A baby shower is exciting for expectant mothers, their families, and friends. It’s a time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy, share gifts, and make lasting memories. One of the most important aspects of planning a baby shower is sending out invitations to ensure that everyone is aware of the event’s date, time, and location. 

This article will discuss when to send baby shower invites and provide some helpful tips to ensure your invitations are received on time.

Timing is Everything

Sending out baby shower invitations at the right time ensures your guests have enough time to plan, shop for gifts, and make arrangements to attend the event. Ideally, you should aim to send out invitations six to eight weeks before the baby shower date. However, if the baby shower is held during a busy time of year, such as during the holidays, you may want to send out invitations even earlier. Consider sending out invitations ten to twelve weeks before the baby shower to ensure your guests have enough time to plan accordingly.

Save the Dates

If you’re worried about your guests being able to attend the baby shower due to other commitments, consider sending out save-the-date cards. Save-the-date cards are a great way to ensure that your guests know the date and time of the baby shower well in advance. You can send out save-the-date cards two to three months before the baby shower to give your guests ample time to plan accordingly.

Tips for Sending Invitations

When sending out baby shower invitations, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that your invitations are received on time:

  1. Get Accurate Addresses: Ensure you have accurate addresses for your guests before sending out invitations. You don’t want your invitations to end in the wrong mailbox or get lost in transit.
  2. Use RSVP Cards: Including RSVP cards with your invitations is a great way to get an accurate headcount of how many guests will attend. Ensure you include a deadline for RSVPs so you can plan accordingly.
  3. Don’t Forget Thank You Notes: After the baby shower, make sure that you send out thank you notes to all of your guests to show your appreciation for their attendance and gifts.
  4. Personalise the Invitations: Adding a personal touch to your baby shower invitations can make them more memorable for your guests. Consider including a handwritten note or a special message to each guest. You can also add a photo of the expectant mother or a fun graphic to make the invitations stand out. Personalising your invitations can also make your guests feel more appreciated and valued, which can encourage them to attend and make the event more special.

Sending out baby shower invitations is an important part of planning a successful baby shower. By sending out invitations at the right time and following these helpful tips, you can ensure that your guests know the event’s date, time, and location. 

Remember to include all necessary information on your invitations, such as the date, time, location, and other important details. And don’t forget to send out thank you cards after the baby shower to show appreciation for your guest’s attendance and gifts. With a little planning and attention to detail, your baby shower will surely be a memorable event for everyone involved.

Published By: Flavia Calina.