Essential questions to ask before conference venue selection

Scouting for a conference venue is difficult as you must count on multiple factors. It takes nothing to get caught up in small details regarding venue selection. However, you should be stubborn enough to jump into these details and see what it takes to finalize a good venue for your upcoming conference. If you are unfamiliar with venue sourcing, you must ask a few questions to ensure you end up on the safer side. This post will reveal essential questions to ask before conference venue selection. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Questions to ask before conference venue selection:

Choosing a venue for your conference should start with a viable plan in hand. You should make a detailed list of your requirements to help you realize the essentials you can expect from a particular conference venue. Moreover, you should also count on your audience’s expectations by wearing their shoes. What about a few questions to ask the venue provider before signing the dotted lines on the paper? It will surely help! Let us start with the most basic question!

1. Is the space free on the conference date?

The first thing to ensure is that the venue must be free on your conference date. It would be best to ensure no other events collide with yours on a similar date. What if your conference is in the evening and the venue is preoccupied with a morning session? The arrangements will still take time, and you must not settle for the case. The best scenario would be: The venue is free on your conference date.

Besides the availability of the venue, you should also ask for essential things that help during the event. For instance, you should ask for AV equipment and extra rooms to accommodate your guests.

2. Is the venue accessible?

What if the venue is inaccessible from different points like airports or highways? Your guests will never go the extra mile to attend your conference. Therefore, you should ensure that the venue is accessible from the airport, highways, and public transit. How will your attendees travel to the conference venue?

Most of your audience will come to the venue from the airport. You should also ask for shuttle service if that is the case. Moreover, finding out ample parking is also vital for a streamlined experience. These points sound too complicated, and you can’t do well without hiring top event management companies in Dubai.

3. Does the place offer accommodation?

Holding your conference at a venue that offers accommodation is a good gesture. What if some of your attendees are out of town? They will need a stay at the venue, and you should arrange it. A venue with excellent offerings with no accommodation is no match for your conference, and you should consider another option.

Even if the venue does not have accommodation services, it should be within walking distance from hotels. Your attendees will love the experience should you arrange for it. If not, consider a change of plan!

4. Is the venue large enough?

Comfortable seating during the conference can contribute to the overall event experience, and you should count on it. A packed venue will never make a good choice as attendees always expect a large place to sit free and focus on the presentation. You should ask for extra space and rooms to help your attendees feel comfortable.

Moreover, attendees should also have a dedicated place to relax during sessions. They will never mind a cup of tea and gossip during the session break, and you should provide them with extra space. The more you focus on the space, the better the overall experience!

5. Is the venue tech-equipped?

Technology can make a difference in your event experiences; you should ask for it. Being a wise host, you should ensure to capitalize on essential tech requirements that can add value to your conference. Modern-day conference events should use tools like AR and VR to help the audience better understand the endpoint.

A venue with no technology is never a good choice – especially in the current times. Furthermore, your audience will expect more of the technology, and you should go the extra mile to ensure it. Do you need help on this front? You can hire professional event management companies in Dubai and let them help you with the venue selection! Since a venue can make a meaningful difference, you should never ignore its significance!

Make your next conference memorable with event experts!

Organizing a conference has various points to explore, and you should work on them. You should wear multiple hats, from venue selection to planning and managing things. However, hiring professional event-organizing companies will streamline the experience. Call these experts today and make your next conference memorable and successful. Having them on your side will alleviate the possible problems.

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