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Ephedrine Promotes Weight and Fat Loss Significantly

Many people look for some magic pill to promote weight loss and give them an energy booster. The plant ephedra became a craze in the 1990s and was a common ingredient in dietary supplements until the mid-2000s. While several studies revealed it supports metabolism and weight loss, some safety concerns were identified as well.

This blog tells you what you need to know about ephedra’s effects on weight loss, as well as fat loss. Let’s get started.

Noticeable Effects Of Ephedrine

Ephedra sinica, or ma huang, is a plant species that originates from Asia, although it grows in other regions around the world as well. Chinese practitioners used it as a medicine for thousands of years. While the plant consists of many chemical compounds, the finest effects of ephedra are potentially caused by the molecule ephedrine. Ephedrine evokes various effects within your body, for instance increasing metabolic rate and fat burning.

That is why consumers of all age groups buy ephedrine tablets for its ability to reduce body weight and body fat. Since several decades it has gained a lot of popularity in weight loss supplements.

Ephedrine A Fat Burner

Many studies assessing the effects of ephedra on weight loss happened in the period between 1980s and early 2000s. Although different components of ephedra may impact your body, the most noticeable effects are potentially because of ephedrine. Various studies revealed that ephedrine pumps up resting metabolic rate or the number of calories your body burns at rest. This may be owing to a surge in the number of calories burned by your muscles.

In simple words Ephedrine has the ability to speed up the fat-burning process in your body. In a study it was indicated that the number of calories burned by healthy adults over 24 hours was 3.6% after ephedrine intake compared to, when they took a placebo. One more study noted that when overweight individuals followed a very-low-calorie diet their metabolic rate came down. However, this was prevented in part through ephedrine intake.

In addition to the short-term changes in metabolism, a few studies reveal that ephedrine can even support weight and fat loss over the longer term. In multiple studies of ephedrine in comparison to a placebo, ephedrine triggered weight loss of 3 pounds per month more than a placebo, for up to four months.

Furthermore, several ephedrine studies analyze the combination of ephedrine and caffeine instead of ephedrine alone.

Summing Up

The plant ephedra or ma huang comprises of many chemical compounds, but the most noteworthy is ephedrine. This molecule impacts various bodily processes and is being used as a popular dietary supplement ingredient all over the world. Users buy ephedrine tablets because they support the increase in number of calories their body burns. Research has revealed this leads to greater weight and fat loss over weeks to months. Overall, according to the available evidence any ephedrine-containing products, especially when paired with caffeine, potentially promotes weight and fat loss. In addition, these products also give you a good energy booster that lasts throughout the day.