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Entrepreneurship (9)

  • Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

    We are therefore by no means home and dry, and need to continue to give extra attention to this area. As a result, we have decided to devote this fifth edition of Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands entirely to the role of entrepreneurship in the innovation process. We also invited two highly respected foreign guest writers, professor Stevenson and professor Storey, to situate Dutch policy on entrepreneurship in an international context.

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

    By Tutorialspoint | Many industry observers have debated on the origin of entrepreneurship. The fact to note here is that most scholars who debate the origin of entrepreneurship are either economists or historians. The common forum accepts that the concept entrepreneur is derived from the French concept entreprendre, which matches closely with the English concept of business conduct; in this sense – “to undertake”. From the business point of view, to undertake simply means to start a business. This is an introductory tutorial that will help the readers to get a basic understanding on the concepts of entrepreneurship skills.

  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

    By Bookboon | This book seeks to find practical ways to create the people that we need to fill the entrepreneurial skills gap.


    By Mike Herrington and Donna Kelley | This study aims to facilitate a better understanding in these countries of the influence of entrepreneurship on economic growth and to assist in the identification of factors that encourage and/or hinder this activity.

  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation

    By Norden | Initiatives to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation in the Nordic countries


    By Marianna Brashear, Ruby Clohessy, Jason Riddle, | This course is designed to help students discover the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of strong character in a free and civil society. These ready-to-go lessons introduce students to entrepreneurship and the economic way of thinking through a series of carefully selected articles, videos, discussion guides, student handouts, and activities. William Smith

  • The Guru Guide™ to Entrepreneurship

    By Joseph H. Boyett and Jimmie T. Boyett | . The Guru Guide™ to Entrepreneurship is your synthesis and digest of the best thinking about what it takes to succeed on your own from the people who have been there and done it—the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Edited by James C. Barrood | I think this sums up my approach in the book. Entrepreneurs require courage. They require the courage of their convictions, of their assumptions and the courage to risk money and time to pursue their ventures. But courage without prudence is too dangerous to encourage.

  • Entrepreneurship

    By William Bygrave and Andrew Zacharakis | This book combines concepts and cases to present the latest theory about entrepreneurship and relate actual experiences. The concepts cover what would-be entrepreneurs need to know to start and grow their businesses, and the cases illustrate how real entrepreneurs have gone out and done it.


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