Bedroom Colours

Paint These Colours To Instantly Transform Every Room in Your House

The colours around us can enhance our mindset and improve our lives to a great extent. They do this thanks to the energy they emit with the help of light. Different colours have different wavelengths and thus have different effects on us. For instance, using the colour red too much can induce anger in the occupants of the space. That’s why it’s necessary to pay special attention to the use of colours in your space, be it on walls, soft furnishings or even the floor.

In this article, we will cover some of the paint colours that will instantly transform the energy of each room of your house. Clothes Mentor Fargo: A Vibrant Consignment Store

5 Best Paint Colours For Each Direction/ Room Of Your House

  1. The Youthful Yellow

Yellow is a colour that represents optimism, happiness, warmth and intellect. It’s a symbol of the sun and therefore is suggested for the South-West corner of the house as this area gets the least amount of sun during a regular day.

The South-West corner is fantastic for skill development, as per Vastu. With the yellow colour on the walls, which will enhance your intellect and energy, as well, you will be able to master your skills at full speed. South-West is also the direction for the master bedroom. This is because this direction offers stability which is a must-have for the head of the family. 

The paint colour yellow is like icing on this cake. With better optimism and enhanced energy, it helps the head of the family take better care of the household.

  1. Bewitching Blues 

The colour blue represents calm, wisdom, trust, and relaxation, among other things. Vastu shastra principles suggest using shades of blue in the North-East corner of your house. This is because the North-East belongs to the water element (one of the core five elements that govern the energy around us). Using the colour blue in the North-East helps balance the water element and enjoy its properties.  check more about Kohler Bathroom Taps

As blue helps relax and provides a tranquil environment to help get rid of your stresses at the end of each day, it’s beneficial to have a pooja room in this direction. Vastu suggests this direction for the mandir in your house because North-East is known as the ‘Ishan kon’ i.e., the space for the gods. It has the most divine energy of all directions that can be multiplied by keeping a temple there. However, if you are placing the pooja room in the North-East, don’t use blue for the whole room. Some accents of blue with cream, off-white or light yellow being the primary colour would be best. check more about Kohler bidet

  1. Hints of Ravishing Reds

Unlike blue, yellow, and cream/off-white, shades of red, pink and orange must be used minimally because having too much of these can increase the level of fury in the inhabitants. These colours represent the fire element. Having more of these shades means inviting more irritability and aggression in the house.

Being colours of the fire element, these shades should only be used in the South-East corner of the house. That’s because the South-East is the corner that belongs to the fire element since it gets the mid-day sun rays as the sun moves from East to West.

Since Vastu suggests having the kitchen in the South-East, you are likely to use hints of red, orange and pink in this room. The other colours for the kitchen according to Vastu to use with accents of red are green, cream or off-white.

  1. Neutral Cream or Off-White

Wondering why are we suggesting cream and off-white again and again. That’s because these are neutral colours which prevent any harm. And also promote the flow of positive, soothing energy that helps balance the negative energy in the space.

You can use these shades anywhere in the house. However, they are specially meant for the North-West direction, which belongs to the air element. 

In case you couldn’t have your kitchen in the South-East, North-West is the second option. Whites of all kinds, cream and beige, are some of the colours you can use in the kitchen in the North-West.  check more about Kohler bidet toilet south africa

  1. The Gratifying Green

Green is a healing colour that symbolises health, growth, and vitality. You can use this colour primarily on the East side of your house. Lush green plants are the easiest way to incorporate this colour into your space. However, you should also use green paint colour for more benefits. 

If you have a bedroom or living room in the East, make sure to keep your doors and windows open in the morning. This way the sun’s rays can energise your space with its wholesome healing energy. 

The Final Word

Blue, yellow, red, green and cream/off-white are five shades you can incorporate in your home as paint colours to enjoy the positive energy around you. Just ensure you use these colours according to their direction as defined by Vastu principles.

Note that you need to know the precisely correct directions in order to cherish their goodness to the fullest. 

That’s why we suggest you take help from a learned Vastu consultant who can help you identify the right directions and use perfect colours.