Effective Communication – Listening is as Important as talking.

“Any problem, big or small, within a family or beyond, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening, and someone isn’t talking.” -Emma Thompson. Communication is the life wire of any type or form of relationship, and it goes beyond what is being said, to the understanding and interpretation of what is being said. My closest friend would always complain that I don’t listen to him speak as much as I often want to speak to him, and this was a problem in our relationship before I addressed the issue. Lately, I also noticed that people expect others to understand them even when they’ve not communicated anything, I hear sentences like, “You should have known” etc. people don’t read the minds of others! (At least not normal people). Talking is just a part of communication as listening is, and understanding is the greater part. People find it hard to listen to others patiently and attentively, and even when we do, we don’t ask questions for clarity when the message isn’t clear.

It is amazing to know that the words why and how could prove very effective in any communication. Lately, I tend to ask these questions a lot, even when the questions or statements are somewhat easy. The truth is, we can never fully understand what people are saying to us if we don’t let them explain. The questions why and how will not just make you better understand the question, but will make you better understand the intention, state of mind, and how to better implement or react to any statement or question. An understanding of this could prove very important and defining in any relationship. Great communicators are effective listeners, and not just listeners, they ask questions.

To improve our relationships, let’s look at three major reasons why effective communication is important.

Three Reasons Why Effective Communication Is Important.

Knowing that communication is the transfer of information from one person to another, there are various ways to transfer that information. In recent times, the most popular way to transfer such an information is via the use of social media, or via the any electronic device. This doesn’t exclude the radio or print media, but let’s look at a few reasons why communication is important

HELPS INFORM GOOD DECISION-MAKING: As I’ve often said in my other blogposts, decision-making is not always an easy task, it may always require lots of information and communication. In a case where the impact of a decision could affect more than a single individual, it becomes worse. Let’s say an organizational setting, or a family setting, or even an inter-personal relationship with any individual, it will prove irrational to take a decision n base on assumptions or hearsay. Both or all parties involved may have to properly communicate their knowledge of the subject in consideration, the analysis of all contributions could lead to the arrival of a good decision that will be beneficial to all involved parties.

PROMOTES CO-OPERATION AND PEACE: Communication is a vital tool for peacekeeping. Known as mediation in this instance, could lead to division or even war. In a team setting, effective communication Is needed to ensure maximum co-operation between team members. Effective communication does not entail one party having the final say, it entails detailed listening to all involved members and consideration of the best idea for that instance.

PROVIDES THE BUILDING-BLOCKS FOR HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: The major proof of the existence of any relationship is communication. Especially in romantic relationships, a break in communication for a long period of time could lead to the termination of such a relationship. Away from romantic relationships, communication is a very vital tool in any form of relationship. Be it the relationship between family members, school or work colleagues, employer-employee relationships, teacher-student relationships, relationships between teammates, or even interpersonal relationships, the value of communication cannot be over-emphasized.

Again, it will be completely wrong to think that communication is exclusive to what we say. Communication is also revealed in how we say what we say, what we’re doing while we’re saying what we’re saying, what our body is saying what we’re saying and how we listen to what is being said. Let’s prioritize taking the focus from ourselves when communicating and try to pay attention to what is being said. That way we’ll understand better, and communicate effectively. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comment section.


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