DIY Astrology Remedies For Different Problems In Life

DIY Astrology Remedies For Different Problems In Life

Are you suffering from problems in every aspect of your life? Such as poor health issues, financial problems, marriage delays, and many more. Then, it is directly connected to your birth chart. The reason behind these problems is the bad planetary placements and their harmful effects.

If your horoscope’s planets are weak or ill, you might encounter a variety of difficulties in life. However, there is no need to feel bad or demotivated because there are some do-it-yourself remedies that you can use to lessen the ill effects of the planet and improve your current condition. Let’s know these DIY’s and improve every aspect of your life.

DIY Remedies for Health

If you consistently have health concerns, perform Rudra-Abhishek at home. Chant Rudra Gayatri mantra, “Tat Purushaya Vidmahe, Mahadevaya Dhimahi, Tanno Rudra Prachodayat,” and give a holy bath to a Shivling every daytime of the week for a period of 11 weeks in order to accomplish this.

If your illness does not improve after a long period of time, remove a single day’s medicine and start again on Poornima Day or on Panchami, Ashtami, Saptami, Ashtami, or Trayodashi, when the moon is waxing (Shuklapaksh).

If you frequently experience small diseases, hold some yellow mustard seeds in your palm and say Om Ganapataye Namaha exactly 1008 times on Thursdays. Tie these seeds around your neck with a yellow handkerchief when you’ve finished chanting. If you are unable to perform any of the remedies or have some query related to them then free talk with an astrologer on the phone and solve them.

DIY Remedies for Career Problems

Offer the sun deity a teaspoon of mustard seeds every day for forty-one days if you are unable to find employment. Make arrangements to give away water on Sundays and have a free water tap for the thirsty at the location of your birth. Fill five copper containers with sweets of basan and distribute them on Sunday if your career is unstable and you have troubles and transfers frequently. Continue this practice for at least eleven Sundays. Chant “Om Vigneshwaraya Namaha” 108 times a day if you encounter difficulties carrying out your official responsibilities.

Put your job description on a sheet of paper, fold it, and present it to Ganesh with some supari to ensure that you succeed in your duties. Avoid beginning any new projects during Rahuukalam.

DIY Remedies for Marriage Problems

If the marriage is postponed, spend ten minutes chanting the mantra “Om Jawal Jawal Shulani, Dushtgrahaan, Huun Phat Svaha” during the sunrise and sunset. On Ashtami day, particularly, do this in front of the image of Goddess Durga.

If every effort at forming alliances is unsuccessful, spend a year standing in front of the moon at night with your hands folded and chanting “Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Chandramaseh Namah.”

There are several astrological remedies if your weak Mars in your horoscope is giving you problems with marriage. Wear a sandalwood rosary and begin chanting the mantra “Om ang angaarkay namaha” during Shuklapaksh, or the waxing phase of the moon.

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DIY Remedies for Love Life

If you and your partner have a lot of arguments. Then, donate rice and besan, particularly to Sadhus, Fakirs, or priests on Thursdays.

If you and your spouse fight a lot and have regular disagreements, provide oil (tail) on Saturdays and stay away from wearing black. When the sun sets in the evening, face east and recite the mantra “Om pram preem prom sah shanischaray namah.”

These astrological remedies can help you and your partner understand each other better. Take a little water from a nearby water source and put it in the pooja area, or store it in your home safely. Relationships will noticeably improve if you also give five almonds to those in need on Sundays.


Now, you can improve your life with these DIY remedies and can live a problem-free life. Moreover, sometimes some special cases might need the assistance of an experienced astrologer. Additionally, every individual needs to understand that Kundli and its reading for each individual is different. Therefore, the assistance of a professional astrologer is necessary.