Discover smart tips and strategies to master Ngau Ham

Grasp the secrets of success in online Ngau Ham

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Ngau Ham – The hottest online game at bookmakers

Ngau Ham at Betvisa is captivating players with its entertainment value and attractive rewards.

Basic and easy-to-apply rules

  • Card distribution: Ensures fairness based on the first drawn card:
    • Cards A, 5, 9: The house deals first.
    • Cards 2, 6, 10: Pile 2 deals first.
    • Cards 3, 7, J: Pile 3 deals first.
    • Cards 4, 8, Q: Pile 4 deals first.


  • Aces: 1 point.
  • Cards 2 to 10: Equal to their number.
  • J, Q, K: Each worth 10 points.

Develop a solid game strategy

Success in Ngau Ham relies not only on luck but also on strategic thinking and analysis.

Manage your bankroll wisely

Set a specific budget and stick to it to avoid risks and save profits.

Monitor and update trends

Follow gameplay trends and analyze data to optimize winning chances.

Control your emotions

Stay calm and patient to maintain a positive mindset and maximize winning opportunities.

Tips from top players

Capital management is paramount

Successful players know how to bet smartly and manage their finances effectively.

Learn from each game

Continuous improvement through learning from past matches is key.

Bet only when knowledgeable

Betting wisely with a solid understanding and analysis of information is crucial.


By applying meticulous, patient, and creative playing tips, you will not only enjoy Ngau Ham more but also become a formidable opponent. Try and experience with Betvisa, and share your victories and experiences with the gaming community!