Different Types of Door Access Control Devices and Their Functions

The access control systems are unique and helpful for security purposes in an organisation, office, home etc. These systems only allow authorised individuals to enter the buildings, and no one other than the authorised individuals can enter that particular building. Some years ago, in the past people used door locks and keys for security purposes. But today, due to advanced technology, we have a couple of things that we can do for security and these methods are so reliable and durable.

Nowadays, we have been migrating to many new devices that can range from simple electronic keypads for single doors to such massive systems that support multiple buildings. The access control systems can also improve management, and in this system, we do not have to use ancient keys from past employers or to replace locks etc.

Access control systems are systems that are controlled by networks, and they must have access to a network. There are a lot of access control systems, and each type has its own specification and functionality to give us better results. A door access control system installation is a system that has access to a network, and it is a computer based electronic device which uses electronic passes to release the locks on doors.

Now Let’s Discuss Its Types and Their Functions

IOT based Access Control Systems

IOT based access control systems are basically used by business owners for commercial door access control systems, and they are very beneficial for home automation. In this system, all controllers and readers are connected to the internet. In this system, they have a firmware that we can update in real-time, making our system up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Mobile Based Door Access Control System

When we have mobile based access control systems, we can manage every aspect of our building’s security from our mobile phones, and it is very beneficial in an organisation. When we have a mobile based access door control system, it will work by sending an unlock code to a cloud server via cellular signal or WIFI. So it will make us able to lock and unlock entry points in our business from anywhere we want. This system is also useful for granting one-time access to personnel who are delivering packages and performing maintenance of their work. Mobile based access control systems are systems that are very secure and reliable for every purpose of an organisation or home security.

Biometric Access Door Readers

Biometric door access control systems are actually the most expensive type of door security reader. It is basically use scanners to identify users by a unique kind of physical feature. Which is a fingerprint, iris, or can be facial recognition. In mobile access control systems, the mobile control system connects with smartphone-based credentials and can use the biometrics built into the phone that works as a form of two-factor authentication. Biometric access control systems are very reliable and secure for business owners. Anyone who wants to have a high level of security in their workplaces.

Proximity Access Control Systems

The proximity access control systems are more confidential and secure access control systems. They basically ensure a safe environment for the owner, and they are widely used in offices, factories, banks, schools etc. It has about 50 kinds of time zone settings with 5 open door groups.

Proximity access control systems are probably the most popular form of secure entrance for door access control systems. Proximity readers basically require users to represent a pre-programmed card, mobile app barcode close to the reader. Or key fob which unlocks the door. Some business owners also choose to add photo IDs to users’ card keys. Which is a source which adds extra security for users.

Intercom Systems for Doors Security

The intercom security devices usually use a combination of a keypad with an audio answering system. This system probably gives an extra layer of security to all users. The intercom security systems require users to enter a passcode and actually call an administrator to confirm their authorised access. In this way, the authorised individual feels more safe and more secure due to the high security alert system in their doors.

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