Interesting learning facts you need to know

  1. The smallest library in the world has appeared on the streets of New York City and it has a space for just one reader at a time and has just 40 books –  source: library outsourcing.com
  2. The most stolen book is probably the bible, followed by the Guinness world record book.  -source: library outsourcing.com
  3. The largest library in the world is the library of congress with more than 158 million items on approximately 838miles of book shelves. The collections include more than 36million recordings, 13.7millon photographs, 5.5 million maps, 6.7 million pieces of sheet music and 69 million manuscript.  source: library outsourcing.com

  1. There are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the United States. –  source kickassfacts.com
  2. There are libraries round the world where you can check out humans as a living book and listen to their stories. There are 150 of such libraries around the world. –  source kickassfacts.com
  3. Some libraries allow your check out seeds with the intention that you will replace the seeds when your crop is harvested. –  source kickassfacts.com
  4. The Harvard university harbors a collection of books bound in human skin –  source kickassfacts.com
  5. In Norway , you can return your library book anywhere in the country regardless of where it was loaned –  source kickassfacts.com

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