Develop a Handyman App Like Uber With The Keepe Clone App 


Summary: Building a Handyman app like Uber using Keepe Clone can be the best decision. The blog assists you as a guide to your Handyman Clone App.

If you’re in the home services industry, a handyman app development company like Uber can help you grow your business. People nowadays choose skilled handyman to assist them with various activities in their daily life. For example, suppose you’ve recently relocated to a new neighbourhood and want to make a few changes to your kitchen but have no idea who to call for help. In such instances, handyman apps like Keepe Clone can assist you in obtaining professional assistance.

It’s a reality thanks to V3Cube’s On-demand Handyman app like Uber creation. It incorporates all services, making it easier for users to access all of them through a single app. To be more specific, it can be characterised as a single app that contains all services.

Open a handyman app like Uber, book your service, and get your work done right away by a licenced and professional service provider, whether it’s a broken door or a clogged drain.

What Is Uber For Handyman Clone App?

It is an app that will offer a variety of services. Experts and professionals who have been validated and listed in the app will be available for each service. They are capable of performing a wide range of repairs. Repair, maintenance, plumbing, interior/exterior work, and other activities are among the responsibilities. The Handyman app keeps track of all of your tasks and allows you to access them at any time.

The local handyman app is a one-stop solution for many problems in domestic duties, in addition to saving time and money for app users. The app is fully automated, supports numerous forms of payment, and is available in a variety of languages. It also allows users to arrange and schedule services at a time that is convenient for them.

How Does Keepe Clone App Works?

Cleaning, plumbing, wiring, carpentry, and other household chores and jobs are included. Experts are required to complete all of these duties. As a result, on-demand handyman applications provide skilled assistance for your daily tasks with only a few clicks. Customers find obtaining these services from pros to be extremely simple and cost-effective. The app includes features such as

  • Your users will create an account on the handyman app like Uber by filling out the required information for the task at hand.
  • The users are then prompted to enter their location in order to contact local handyman service providers.
  • Customers can now choose the types of services they want, as well as the data and availability they want.
  • The exact rates are disclosed for customers to see prior to booking specific handyman services.

Prominent Features To Have It In Your Keepe Clone App Solutions

It aids in the search for a handyman in the area.

This software assists in locating local persons who can perform a variety of repair services, reducing the effort of those in need. This aids in the formation of a private network of people who collaborate on the basis of high trust. This platform gives providers all the information they need ahead of time so they may decide whether or not they can complete the assignment within the specified budget. This covers charges for service, estimates, and cancellations.

Variety of methods

It’s critical to provide your customers a variety of payment alternatives, as this can lead to speedier payments and, in turn, more customers. This will effectively lead to the brand’s reputation being highlighted in this manner. Cashless payment options encourage online commerce, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Schedule bookings or on later date

Customers can set or reschedule service times according to their availability and convenience. Developing an app that helps users optimise their time would provide them with a rich experience and a competitive advantage over their competitors. Book now, schedule or book later, and check availability are all useful options.

Track service providers on real-time basis

Users of the handyman app should be able to use Google Maps to track the location of Handyman app service providers. It clarifies all kind of misunderstandings and allows users to track the position of handyman service providers in real time.

How Much Does It Take To Develop An App Like Keepe Clone

The cost of developing any application is determined by the following criteria.

  • Features and functionality that can be customised
  • Further integrations
  • The app’s design
  • The number of people on the development team
  • Testing for quality
  • Platforms for applications, and so on.
  • Depending on the intricacy of the application, it could take anywhere from 500 to 1000 hours to complete.

The pre-built on-demand handyman app comes with all of the necessary features and components for businesses to create a minimum viable product. 

Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

If you’re thinking about starting a business or growing an existing one and want to construct an on-demand Keepe Clone App. You’ll need to come up with a unique strategy to capture consumers’ attention. 

V3Cube provides easy and effective online and mobile app development services. Our expert app developers are always in operation mode to keep them up to date on current advancements in the development platform while utilising cutting-edge technologies. Whether you need a built-in mobile app or a hybrid web app, you’ll find the best solution here. Don’t waste time looking for different solutions. We are prepared to provide the above-mentioned services at cost-effective rates.

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