Indori Ishq Season 2 Release Date

Details About Indori Ishq Season 2

I am sure that you have heard about many different ott platforms on which you can watch different movies and web series in different languages. Ott Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Zee5, etc are paid ones. But the MX player has gained more popularity than the paid platform. Do you know why? It is because MX player provides considerably amazing content to watch for free. Mx player has released so many web series that people loved to watch.  In this article, we will talk about the Indori Ishq season 2

About Indori Ishq 

If you have not watched Indori Ishq season 1 then go watch it now. Season 1 contains 9 episodes of 30 minutes each. This web series is a perfect amalgamation of romance, anger, love, betrayal, revenge, fighting, thriller, emotions, etc. Part one of this web series has been loved by people so much that its producer and director decided to make season 2 of it. Everyone is eagerly waiting for season 2 to come. Those who have watched season 1 can say and relate that the story depicted in the web series is inspired by the movie Kabir Singh. 

About the Story of Indori Ishq 

The story of Indori Ishq is all about a boy and a girl who fall in love with each other insanely. Everything is going so smoothly and perfectly. However, the boy named Kunal decides to pursue further studies in Mumbai, and when is studying there, a girl named Tara ditches him for another guy. When he gets to know he wants to take revenge and gets into a trap of liquor consumption and smoking. He is putting so much effort to overcome that heartbreak phase of her life. To know more about what is going to happen next you need to be patient for Indori Ishq season 2 to come. 

Indori Ishq Cast and Release Date 

The Indori Ishq cast has done a great job in this web series. Although the story of this web series is not different from the movie Kabir Singh, however, the way different actors and actresses played their roles so well. Their efforts make this web series worth watching. The Indori Ishq season 2 release date has not been announced yet. But according to the information we have collected, season 2 will be released soon on the Mx player. 

How to Watch it on MX Player? 

  1. First, download the Mx player app for free from the Google play store 
  2. Give permission to access the things the app is asking for 
  3. Search for Indori Ishq in the search option 
  4. When the series will be on your screen, press it 
  5. Watch it online or download it according to your preferences 

For now, you can only watch Indori Ishq season 1 because Indori Ishq season 2 has not announced its release date yet. 

Review of Indori Ishq Season 1 

Here we are presenting the reviews of people about season 1 so that you will be satisfied that season 2 which is coming soon is also going to be very interesting. According to the story of the review that is presented is nothing special but the way it is presented demands appreciation. Season 2 is going to be the twist part about the life of Kunal and Tara. I am also eagerly waiting for Indori Ishq season 2.


This is all we have for now. The day we get any further information about Indori Ishq season 2 from the makers we will instantly update you. Till then bye, stay happy and safe, and stay tuned for more updates.  If your like to watch entertaining web series You shouldn’t miss Aashram season 2 for more details read the full blog.

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