Decorating Home With Fake Plants and Flowers

Different kinds of decorative pieces linger in and out of style but one thing that never loses its charm is flower arrangement. Flowers, fake or real are soothing to the eyes and can lift the interiors instantly. Fake plants and flowers can be used in a variety of ways- place them, hang them, or plant them into little pots; the options are endless.

But flower arrangements can go from glam to trash real quick if not decorated right. To add a dash of freshness and a pop of color to home decor using fake flowers and pots, a little bit of skill and finesse is required. And when done right, flowers can prove to be impeccable decoration item that goes a long way in beautifying a home.

Some Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate Home with Fake Plants and Flowers

The hallway is one of the best places to showcase a flower arrangement. The colorful and striking arrangement always makes a great conversation starter as soon as a guest enters. Fake guelder roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas placed into flower pots would look great and elegant on the hallway or entrance staircase.

What’s the wonderful way to catch someone’s eye? Unusual pots and vases! The best thing about fake flowers is that they don’t die. So, they don’t necessarily require to be put up in flower pots. Placing them in unusual vases like pretty cloth or gummy bags will give a whole new look. Put up fake flowers on a paper bag to give an illusion of a bouquet. Fake plants look great when they are used to decorate the center table and other nooks and corners of the place.

Some beautiful tiny flowers serve as a great trick to freshen up a room. Dip some artificial flowers in water and keep them either as a centerpiece or on the side tables to create a beautiful environment.

Faux plants and flowers are an affordable way to bring texture and color into a home. To get the best out of them, avoid going over the top at all costs. And one good way to make fake plants look real is by ditching the gaudy containers and incorporating real dirt, dust, and accessories.

Mason jars and sand can serve as great partners. Fill the mason jar with sand, fake flowers, moss, and weed for an added effect. Placing this on a dining table will give a whole new dimension to a room.

How to Ensure Fake Flowers and Plants Last Long?

The main thing that needs to be remembered while dealing with fake plants and pots is frequent clean-ups. Dust and dirt get accumulated in fake flower pots in no time that spoiling the aesthetic and feel completely. Spray little water on the fake plants and clean them quickly using a soft muslin or cotton cloth.

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March 1, 2022

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