Web design is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today! Do you want to start a career in web design? Or simply acquire a new skill and build a professional website for your business or brand?

This web designs course teaches you how to build a website from beginner to a level where you can build a host a website by yourself.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build a well-designed and fully functional website using the knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 that you will be taught thoroughly.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of computer science or expensive equipment. A computer, your attention, determination and time is all you need!

Target Audience 

  • Anyone looking to start a career in web design
  • Anyone who wants to acquire the knowledge to build a website for personal use
  • Anyone who wants to steady their hands in web design

What Will I Learn? 

  • How to get started on HTML & the basic structures of a webpage
  • Introduction to CSS for working with fonts, colors, animations, etc,
  • Getting started with bootstrap including how to set up and apply the grid system.
  • How to create any kind of website with any layout and design you can imagine
  • How to create a website that can support any device size with responsive mobile- friendly design
  • How to set up hosting for your website


  • Upon completion of the course, you will be given a mini project which you are expected to complete and submit before the given deadline. The project will be evaluated.
  • Certification will be given after evaluation is complete which usually takes between 24 -48 hours after submission of the project.
  • Qualification for certificate requires a pass score of 70% and above.

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Course Curriculum

Intro to Web Design – Web Design Basics Explained Details 00:00:00
Getting Started With HTML
HTML5 Tutorial – 1 – Introduction Details 00:00:00
The Basic Structure of a Web Page Details 00:00:00
The Header Tags Details 00:00:00
The Paragraph Tag Details 00:00:00
Text Formatting Details 00:00:00
Ordered and Unordered lists Details 00:00:00
Inserting images into a Webpage Details 00:00:00
How to create forms in HTML5 Details 00:00:00
Advanced Input Fields for HTML5 Forms Details 00:00:00
Adding Links in HTML Details 00:00:00
The iFrame Element Details 00:00:00
Introduction to CSS
Introduction to CSS Details 00:00:00
Inline vs. Internal vs. External Stylesheet for CSS Details 00:00:00
ID’s and Classes Details 00:00:00
The DIV element Details 00:00:00
Changing font type, color, and size using external stylesheet Details 00:00:00
CSS Absolute and Relative Positioning Details 00:00:00
CSS – margin, padding, border and float explained Details 00:00:00
Align text in CSS Details 00:00:00
How to Style Links Details 00:00:00
Getting started with Bootstrap
Bootstrap for Beginners – Introduction Details 00:00:00
Download and setup Details 00:00:00
Applying Bootstrap Grid System Details 00:00:00
Navbar Menu Class Details 00:00:00
Basic forms Details 00:00:00
Bootstrap table class Details 00:00:00
Bootstrap Modal and Pop-ups Details 00:00:00
Responsive Bootstrap Website Tutorial with Full Screen Landing Page Details 00:00:00
How to Set Up Hosting For Your website
How to Set Up Website With GoDaddy Details 00:00:00
Additional Learning Resources on Website Design
Learning Resources on Web Design Details 00:00:00

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