The Leadership Development Course (LDC) is focused on developing young individuals who are currently handling leadership roles in different departments and groups or aspiring young leaders.

This course introduces you to the concept of leadership, and then exposes the student to the different components of leadership and how to become an effective leader in every area of your life.

Here’s a plus; you get certified for it!

Target Audience 

  • Students
  • Young aspiring leaders
  • Serving leaders
  • Everyone passionate about leadership

What Will I Learn? 

  • Leadership essentials
  • Servant Leadership
  • Becoming an effective leader


  • Upon completion of the course, you will be given an online exam and a mini project which you are expected to submit before the given deadline. The test project will be evaluated.
  • Certification will be given after evaluation is complete which usually takes between 24 -48 hours after submission of the project.
  • Qualification for certificate requires a pass score of 70% and above.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Leadership Development
Introduction to Leadership Details 00:00:00
Why Leadership? Details 00:00:00
Introduction to Leadership Quiz 00:00:00
Leadership Essentials
Documentary on Motivation Details 00:00:00
Motivating people Details 00:00:00
Effective Communication Details 00:00:00
The pursuit of Happiness 1 Details 00:00:00
Conflict Resolution Details 00:00:00
Planning and goal setting Details 00:00:00
Documentary on Delegation Details 00:00:00
Delegating Details 00:00:00
Building a team of A players Details 00:00:00
Team Building Details 00:00:00
Team Building Games Details 00:00:00
Decision making Details 00:00:00
Critical thinking Details 00:00:00
The pursuit of Happiness 2 Details 00:00:00
Leadership essentials quiz 00:00:00
Servant Leadership
Building leadership character Details 00:00:00
Authenticity Details 00:00:00
Integrity and accountability Details 00:00:00
Courage and compassion Details 00:00:00
Leading with credibility Details 00:00:00
Servant leadership quiz 00:00:00
Becoming an Effective Leader
Effective decision making as a leader Details 00:00:00
Leading your peers Details 00:00:00
Motivating people to higher performance Details 00:00:00
Creativity and Innovation in Leadership Details 00:00:00
Becoming an effective leader quiz Details 00:00:00
Final Project on Leadership Development Details 00:00:00
More Resources on Leadership Development
More resources on Leadership Development Details 00:00:00

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