Cosmo Darts Review

The Cosmo Darts are one of the most popular types of darts available on the market. These darts are made from code metal and they have a smooth fitting and a 90 degree angle. They also come with an easy to assemble system and assembly instructions. There are even a few tips to help you get started.

Flight and shaft system

A Fit Flight and Shaft System is a great way to enhance the stability of your darts. Unlike normal flights, which rotate when another dart touches the flight, a Fit Flight is a solid one-piece design. This ensures a smooth path to the target, while also reducing deflections. The Fit Flight System is manufactured to high specifications, and fits onto any Fit Flight shaft.

The Fit Flight is the most advanced flight and shaft system on the market. It is designed to help reduce deflections, and provide a consistent air flow. It is manufactured in a variety of shapes, including spinning and locked.


CODE METAL and Cosmo Darts are a pair of rivals in the amusement and entertainment space. CODE METAL specializes in the high end with a plethora of products in the gimme category. The name CODE METAL itself suggests a reputable company that knows how to produce quality products at a fair price. In the past decade the company has grown to become an industry leader in the amusement and entertainment space. Hiroaki Matsubara leads the charge. He’s ably assisted by an impressive line of executives spanning the spectrum from executive to operations.

CODE METAL’s best seller is the CODE METAL UNITED LABEL. This product line isn’t for the faint of heart though. You can choose from two options, the top-of-the-line CODE METAL UNITED LABEL ULTRA or the more budget friendly CODE METAL UNITED LABEL SPORT.

Easy to assemble

The aforementioned one-piece, molded, silvery metallic affair is paired with a set of Super Duralumin shafts that are nearly as weighty as their titanium counterparts. These two coupled with the most technologically advanced arrow tampers on the market make Cosmo Darts an excellent choice for the dart aficionado.

The most notable feature is the Push-in System which is designed to lock your flights securely in place. While this may sound like the work of a mad scientist, it’s actually a genius design which ensures that the most important parts of your set are protected from top to bottom. Not only that, but the Push-in System also keeps your shafts locked in place, preventing unwanted movement.

90 degree angle

The COSMO DARTS Fit Shaft is a revolutionary flight and shaft system that allows you to create a consistent, straight trajectory. Unlike most flight and shaft systems, this new design requires no threading or sliding of fins into narrow slots. Instead, you simply pop the flight onto the shaft and lock it in place. This prevents darts from sticking, and gives them more stability.

Cosmo Darts offers two types of Fit Shafts, Locked Fit Shaft and Spinning Fit Shaft. Each comes with 4 shafts and 8 rubber orings. The Super Duralumin shafts have a metallic luster and are about the weight of the Fit Shaft Titanium.

Smooth fitting

The fit system is a revolutionary flight and shaft combo. It is the only one of its kind and eliminates the need for a Robin Hood style setup. Unlike most other similar systems, it doesn’t require fins to be slid into narrow slots, or a series of tiny parts that cause unnecessary stress or distraction. This is in part due to the fact that it uses a completely one-piece design.

The Fit Flight isn’t just a new way to attach the barrel to the shaft. It is a technologically advanced design that can actually rotate when another dart touches it, reducing deflections. In addition, the Fit Flight has a reinforced nylon shaft for a more stable base than most other spinning systems.

Assembly instructions

COSMO DARTS produces flights and shafts that are unique. These include the Fit Flight, which is the most innovative flight and shaft system on the market. This system uses a durable and patented Push-in System to make the flight and shaft combination more durable and less stress prone. It also maintains the flight’s trajectory at four 90-degree angles. The Fit Flight’s other perks are the ability to rotate to allow another dart to touch the flight.

In addition to being lightweight, the Fit Flight’s unique design ensures an uninterrupted path to the target. It is also more stable than other spinning systems, thanks to a strengthened nylon shaft.