Know The Types Of Gondola Shelving Attachments on offer For Your Retail Store

Gondolas make up an important part of any retail store, from storing groceries to stationary and from apparel to hardware. One of the prominent features of gondola shelves is their versatility, as they can be assembled in various configurations. Easy to assemble, durable, and extremely convenient. This makes business owners avoid having such a beneficial display accessory in their stores. If you contact gondola shelving manufacturers, you will be offered many gondola options with attachments that are very easy to rearrange. In this post, we will look at some of the available gondola shelving configurations.

Flat metal pegboard shelving

These types of units are the most popular display accessories that come in eye-catching designs. They have thick metal pegboard paneling and are ideal for light hang-sell merchandising. They are well suited for pharmacy warehouses, chemist shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail outlets. In other words, they are suitable in an environment wherein the ratio of shelf levels is greater than hang-sell. This system comes in various designs like low base, narrow aisle, deep bays, corner and end feature bays with single and double-sided options, and wall-mounted and island options. However, the average load on these shelves should not exceed 40 kg, and the heavier loads should be stored at the base shelf level. You can contact gondola shelving manufacturers for the best quality flat metal pegboard gondolas.

Volcano metal pegboard shelving

These are slightly sturdy ones with a 1mm back panel. Their unique feature is the volcano shape intended for pegboard holes, which offers adaptability to all slatwall hooks. These gondola units are perfect for storing more heavy-duty items. They have a strong hand-sell capability with multiple display hooks. The units can withstand heavy gauge hooks that are 6mm thick. These gondola units are generally 2.4m high and have an average shelf load capacity of about 50 kg. Volcano gondola systems are widely used in larger convenience stores, garden stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets. They can also be fitted with wire baskets of front fences for bulky requirements.  

Metal Slatwall gondola shelving

These are the most versatile gondola units suitable for supermarkets and sports and clothing retail shops. These shelving units are fitted with 100mm grooved horizontal slots, which can be fitted with display hooks, waterfall arms, baskets, brackets, specialized acrylics, etc. the upper shelf levels of these units have a depth of 250mm to 450m. These panels are usually heavier and thicker than other shelving units. They also have a greater capacity and can be used to create hang-sell displays.  

Mesh back shelving

They are light-duty models that are ideally used in smaller stores, discount stores, and retailers looking for less costly options for gondolas. Mesh back gondola systems are available in various designs and compatible with multiple gondola accessories like hang-sell hooks, wire baskets, front fences, and shelf dividers. Due to their lightweight, they are easy to move around the store, giving extra convenience to retailers who frequently alter their shop layouts. 

Gondola end bays

These are separate units that can be used as end-caps of double-sided rows of gondola units. The end bays can be fitted facing outwards at ninety degrees and can be used to display or promote special offers, sale items, seasonal stock, and displays promoting particular themes. They can act as an excellent extension of the shelves while taking up minimum space.

Wire Shelves

These are very good options when the products to be displayed are packaged in bagged materials like ships and snacks. These shelving units have round poles and sturdy wire mesh, which prevents the merchandise from sliding over and falling. They are mostly used as under-counter candy shelves in convenience stores. Due to the wire shelf, these gondola units are placed where debris and dust can fall on the products as the mesh allows the unwanted stuff to fall on the floor. They are very strong and do not require much cleaning. 

Gravity fed shelving

This is the shelving unit in which products are grouped together in a channel, and gravity keeps the items pushed to the front of the shelves. This mechanism is ideal for liquid products like juice, soda, beer, motor oil, etc. the wire design of these units allows for smooth flow and makes them low maintenance. You only need to continuously replenish the same type of product towards the back of the shelf to restock the shelves.

Slatwall shelves

These melamine shelves come in various widths for merchandising flexibility, which can be secured by their detached brackets or attached to the back of the shelf. These brackets provide support and can be changed with great ease. The only drawback of these shelving units is their load capacity, as they can break from extra weight. 

Summing up

Retail premises are places where storage capacity should be maximum and maximized. Gondola shelves are great way of doing it. They not only offer amazing versatility but also help you in maximizing your storage and display space management.