Computer Hardware

Gain understanding on computer hardware engineering with learning materials and resources.

Computer Hardware (8)

  • Hardware Hacking

    By Nicolas Collins This book teaches you how to tickle electronics. It is a guide to the creative

    Hardware Hacking

  • IEEE Standard for Verilog® Hardware Description Language

    By IEEE Computer Society The Verilog hardware description language (HDL) is defined in this standard. Verilog HDL is a formal notation intended for use in all phases of the creation of electronic systems. Because it is both machine-readable and human-readable, it supports the development, verification, synthesis, and testing of hardware designs; the communication of hardware design data; and the maintenance, modification, and procurement of hardware.

  • Hardware

    K.E. Schubert This book covers Electronics, Digital Logic, Data Representation and Manipulation, organization and performance.


  • PC Hardware A Beginner’s Guide

    By Ron Gilster PC Hardware: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Computer Hardware: Hardware Components and Internal PC Connections

    By Jerome Casey This material aims to discuss a selection of hardware parts, outline common metrics and specifications used to describe them, what they measure as well as their operation.

  • Computer System Architecture

    By M. Morris Mano This book deals with computer architecture as well as computer organization and design. Computer architecture is concerned with the structure and behavior of the various functional modules of the computer and how they interact to provide the processing needs of the user.


    To impart the skills needed to assemble a PC, PC troubleshooting, installation of system/application software. Student can prepare cables for LAN, assign IP’s to machines.