clockshark vs time tracker management software

ClockShark vs Time Tracker Software: Analysis Through FAQs

Today, we will present a unique approach to analyzing project management solutions. You might have come across reviewers analyzing vendors by centralizing their focus on features, pricing, or reviews of PM platforms. But that’s not the only way. It is wrong to think that way. And we will reveal it to you in this ClockShark vs Time Tracker software guide.  

An Analysis Through FAQs 

In this ClockShark vs Time Tracker software guide, we will conduct an analysis using the top-rated and common FAQs of both vendors.  

Who Uses ClockShark? 

Clockshark is a field service management solution and is used in a plethora of business settings. Here are some prime areas ClockShark is highly used.  

Construction and Field Service Trades 

Landscaping Companies 

Cleaning Services 

Accountants & Bookkeepers 

Healthcare Providers 

Real Estate Managers 

Franchises & Chains 

Staffing Companies 


Audio and Video Technology Companies 

Who Uses Time Tracker? 

Simply put, it serves the entire business spectrum. Millions rely on this vendor. Primarily, the Time Tracker project management solution is used in the following industries: 

Professional services 



Human resources & payroll 

Design and creative studios 

 IT and freelancers 




Healthcare professionals 




Winner: Time Tracker offers more use cases and thus scores the point here.  

What is ClockShark Used For? 

ClockShark offers a diversified feature range and thus is known as a multi-purpose solution. It has dipped its fingers basically into four categories to ease out the complexities of field service managers. So, here’s what ClockShark software is used for.  

Time Tracking 

Employee Time Tracking 




Clock In, Clock Out 

Crew Management 




Who’s Working Now 

Time Off 

Job Management 

Customer Management 

Job Management 

Job Costing 


Clock Out Questions 







What Is Time Tracker Used For? 

Time Tracker software has widespread use in the industry. It is an all-inclusive solution dealing with an array of business-related complexities with the hopes of nurturing a simplistic workflow. Here are some significant aspects Time Tracker project management software tackles. 

Time Tracking 

Clock In/Clock Out 


Free Mobile Apps 

Time Blocks 


Time-Off Requests 

Over hours Tracking 

Instant Schedules 

Copy Schedules 

Template Creation 

Drag & Drop Functionality 

Real-Time Notifications 

Project Tracking 

Task Allocation 

Monitor Estimated Hours 

Provide Accurate Estimates 

Manage Project Costs 

Real-Time Reports 

Client Billing 

Preload Expense Categories 

Upload Receipts 

Generate Expense Reports 

Generate Branded Invoices 

Client Portal 

Customizable Invoice Setting 

Online Payments 

Business Reports 

Accounts Receivables 

Contractor Reports 

Employee Reports 

Expense Reports 

Realization Reports 

Profitability Projector 

Legal Time Tracking 




GPS Tracking 


Winner: Here, both ClockShark software and Time Tacker offer a robust feature range that is unique to them. We can’t pick one over the other as both offer varying features.  

Why Choose ClockShark? 

The ClockShark software is an integral component of firms serving industries with best-in-class functionalities. It helps businesses thrive with effective employee monitoring and job handling. Its user-friendly interface makes lives easier for contractors as it consolidates data for better time-keeping and payroll processing. Handling multiple jobs at once is a breeze with ClockShark. Most importantly, it helps users get paid faster and supports on-the-go services. Moreover, it nurtures personalized user experience and supports countless solid integrations.  

Why Choose Time Tracker? 

Time Tracker is a necessity for project management firms. It keeps tabs on the time employees spend on each task. Also, it helps keep track of billable sheets to enhance the profitability level of running accurate payroll. The Time Tracker solution eliminates the guesswork from project streams. Another reason to use this intact solution is its business report conducting capability. It empowers teams to recognize team efforts and performance. It also reduces administrators’ hassle by managing online schedules and automating invoice generation.  

Winner: Time Tracker wins because of its billable sheets and business reports, which ClockShark lacks. And the ClockShark software wins because of its job management and financial capabilities.   

Does ClockShark Offer A Demo? 

Yes, ClockShark offers a detailed demo tutorial. To schedule a demo with ClockShark, you can visit the website and find the “Schedule a Consultation” button at the top right corner. This demo by ClockShark is absolutely free. There’s a 14-day free trial.  

Does Time Tracker Offer A Demo? 

Yes, Time Tracker offers a free demo too. Besides the demo, Time Tracker also features a 14-day free trial. Both the demo and the free trial by Time Tracker are quite informative. They elaborate on the exquisite services and capabilities of this solid platform.  

Winner: We can’t state the winner in the demo race because both vendors offer free trials and the demonstration tutorial is equally effective and informative.  

What Does The Pricing Structure of ClockShark Look Like? 

The ClockShark software offers budget-friendly pricing plans. It is not one of the most cost-effective solutions, but it offers discounts for clients. For instance, these days, ClockShark is offering a 50% flat discount on its pricing bundles. It basically offers only two price plans and thus is not so flexible either. On average, they range from $16 to $30. A point to note is it charges a separate base fee per month per user, which burdens firms.  

What Does The Pricing Structure of Time Tracker Look Like? 

A straightforward answer to this is affordable. Time Tracker software offers compact and comprehensive pricing packages. The pricing plans of Time Tracker range from $7.20 to $24 per month. But there’s a conflict of interest here. Keeping biases aside, some users think it is overpriced. The reason is the pricing plans of ClockShark charge an additional per month base fee except for the LawBillity plan.  

Winner: Time Tracker wins the round because it offers more flexibility and has three pricing plans. ClockShark, on the contrary, is not so bad, for its time-to-time discounts make it a feasible option.  

Final Thoughts

This ClockShark vs Time Tracker software analysis depicts that following the crowd is not always the best bet. Instead, you can conduct more knowledgeable comparisons by evaluating project management solutions using the frequently asked questions. So, give it a thought whenever you get a chance to conduct a thorough analysis of PM solutions. As for this ClockShark vs Time Tracker software comparison, Time Tracker is the definite winner.