Clinical Trial Planning and Design Services Market – Current Market Landscape

During our research, we were able to identify 85 industry players claim to have the required capabilities to effectively design and plan clinical trials for both therapeutic products and devices. Most of the players engaged in this domain were established pre-2001 (28%). Further, over the last decade, the clinical trial planning and design has witnessed a surge in the establishment of new players.

It is worth highlighting that most of the industry clinical trial planning and design domain (44) are presently located in North America. It was followed by firms headquartered in Europe (25) and Asia-Pacific (15). Examples of players based in North America include (in alphabetical order, no specific selection criteria) Algorics, BioPoint, CliniOps, Elevation Strategic Development and Health Policy Associate.

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During our research, we were able to identify 46 industry players that are engaged in offering clinical trial planning and design services. The clinical trial planning and design services domain is presently dominated by the presence of large firms (70%), followed by mid-sized companies (18%).

most of the players engaged in this domain offer study design / protocol development (96%), followed by those providing sample size and power analysis services (83%). Notable examples of players offering more than four services include (in alphabetical order), Cancer Research And Biostatistics (1997), Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (1949), Singapore Clinical Research Institute (2008) and University of Arizona College of Medicine (2006).

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