Chrysler 300 Brake Pads: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Safety

Maintaining your Chrysler 300 involves paying keen attention to its braking system. High-quality brake pads are critical not only for safety but also for the overall longevity of the vehicle’s brake system. The Chrysler 300 brake pads we offer are engineered to meet OE specifications and incorporate advanced Braid Shim Technology, delivering exceptional performance, safety, and durability.


The Advantages of Our Chrysler 300 Brake Pads

Innovative Braid Shim Technology

Our brake pads utilize the patented Vulcan Braid Shim technology, a design choice that effectively reduces brake noise and enhances comfort during rides. This technology significantly diminishes the noise produced during braking, promoting a quieter, smoother driving experience. The use of this sophisticated shim technology sets our brake pads apart in the market, providing superior noise attenuation.


OE Specifications: Slots and Chamfers

Our brake pads are designed with specific slots and chamfers that adhere to Original Equipment (OE) specifications. These features help minimize vibration and prevent brake fade, thereby ensuring stable and consistent braking performance. The precision in the design of these slots and chamfers also helps in dispersing heat effectively, which is essential for maintaining optimal performance of the brake pads under high-temperature conditions. Such detailed engineering ensures that our brake pads deliver dependable performance across various driving situations.


Enhanced Durability and Protection

To further extend the life of your disc brakes, our brake pads are finished with a powder coating that provides increased protection against weather and corrosion. This coating not only boosts the durability of the brake pads but also protects them from rust and corrosion. The semi-metallic composition of our pads allows them to endure higher temperatures without degradation, and they also generate less brake dust. This keeps your wheels cleaner and minimizes wear on brake system components.


Uncompromised Safety and Reliability

At Goodyear Brakes, safety is our priority. Our semi-metallic brake pads ensure maximum stopping power and consistent braking, offering your vehicle robust and dependable braking performance at all times. By choosing our brake pads, you gain the confidence of knowing your Chrysler 300 is equipped with top-tier braking technology, enhancing both safety and performance.


Convenient Installation and Warranty

Each set of our rear brake pads includes a comprehensive hardware kit, making installation straightforward and quick. This kit includes all necessary components to ensure a seamless installation experience. Additionally, our Chrysler 300 brake pads come with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty, highlighting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and offering you peace of mind.


Broad Compatibility

Our brake pads are designed to fit a wide array of vehicles, ensuring that owners of various models can enjoy the same high standards of safety and performance. The list of compatible vehicles includes:


Cadillac CTS 2004-2019, STS 2006-2011

Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2023

Chrysler 300 2005-2014

Dodge Challenger 2008-2020, Charger 2015-2021, Durango 2018-2021, Magnum 2006-2008

Ferrari F430 2006-2009

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006-2021

Tesla Model S 2012-2021, Model X 2016-2021



Investing in premium brake pads is essential for the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle, and choosing the right pads is a decision that can significantly impact your driving experience. Our Chrysler 300 brake pads are engineered with cutting-edge features, including the advanced Braid Shim Technology and adherence to stringent OE specifications. This combination ensures that every braking action is not only effective but also consistent and safe, regardless of the driving conditions.


The benefits of our brake pads extend beyond just superior braking power. The semi-metallic composition offers enhanced heat resistance, ensuring that the pads perform well even under high temperatures without degrading. Moreover, the specially designed slots and chamfers aid in heat dissipation, maintaining the effectiveness and longevity of the pads. With the added protection against rust and corrosion thanks to the durable powder coating, our brake pads remain in top condition for longer, saving you from frequent replacements.


Our commitment to quality is underscored by the comprehensive warranty offered with every set of brake pads, providing peace of mind through 36,000 miles or three years of use. Whether navigating busy city streets or cruising on the highway, our brake pads ensure that your Chrysler 300 has the braking resilience and reliability it needs. By choosing our brake pads, you’re not just fitting any parts; you’re enhancing your vehicle’s safety and maintaining its integrity.