Choosing the Right Pathar Tile: A Guide to Varieties, Colours, and Finishes

Enhancing the visual attractiveness of your living spaces requires careful tile selection. In Puducherry, a site where modernism and tradition meet, pathar tiles are becoming more and more popular as a tiling material. These tiles highlight the region’s rich cultural diversity while adding a touch of refinement and classic beauty. In this blog, let’s look at how to select from a range of Pathar tiles in Puducherry and get the ideal one for your home.

Type of Pathar Tiles

Pathar tiles come in a variety of types, each with unique characteristics. Here are a few well-liked choices that you can consider:

Granite Pathar Tiles

Granite Pathar tiles are a classic option because of their natural beauty and reputation for longevity. You can discover the ideal complement for your decor in this category as they are available in a variety of colours.

Marble Pathar Tiles

Marble Pathar tiles are a great choice if you want to give your space a little more opulence and want to feel marble-like appeal. These tiles can turn any space into a modern retreat thanks to their smooth surface and unique veining.

Sandstone Pathar Tiles 

The rustic charm of sandstone tiles makes them suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Their rough surface gives patios and garden walks more personality.

Colour Varieties in Pathar Tiles

Choosing the appropriate colours is essential to giving your space the style you want. You can play around with diverse colours offered in Pathar tiles in Puducherry, and combine modern and traditional design. Below are some of the listed colours that you can opt from:

  • Earthy Shades

Select earthy shades like brown, and terracotta to create a warm and welcoming environment. The distinct cultural character of Puducherry complements these hues wonderfully.

  • Modern Colours

Go for chill colours like grey, blue, or green if you want a more modern style. These colours will bring some contemporary element into your room without taking away its tranquillity.

  • Traditional White

White Pathar tiles are a great option if you want a classic and refined style. They have the power to enlarge and brighten any area.

The Pathar Tile Finishes

The tiles’ overall look is significantly influenced by their finish. Here are some of the popular Pathar tile finishes:

  • Polished Finish

In this finish, the polished treatment highlights the natural beauty of materials like granite and marble, enhancing the gleaming surface of the tiles.

  • Fine-tuned Finish

A matte, smooth surface is offered by a fine-tuned finish, which is ideal for a more subdued appearance. It functions nicely with various types of Pathar tiles.

  • Texture Finish

A textured finish gives the tiles more traction and prevents them from slipping, making them perfect for outdoor areas. Similar finishes to this one are common for sandstone tiles.

How to Select from Diverse Options in Pathar Tiles?

Choosing the ideal Pathar tiles for your home requires giving careful thought to some factors to make sure that they both suit your functional needs and improve the aesthetics of your area. Here are factors that you should consider to choose wisely:

  • Determine the Objective

Reflect on the placement and function of the tiles. Are they intended for bathroom walls, kitchen counters, outdoor paths, or inside flooring? Depending on their longevity and moisture resistance, different types of pathar tiles may be needed in different locations.

  • Assess Durability

Examine the Pathar tiles’ durability, particularly if they will be utilised in high-traffic locations. Marble tiles could be more appropriate for less trafficked places, while granite tiles are renowned for their durability and make sense for high-traffic areas.

  • Consider Long-Term Trends

Long-term trends should also be taken into account when selecting tiles, even though they should match your present style. Choose classic styles and hues that will never go out of style to make sure your purchase is still worthwhile years from now.

  • Examine Finishes and Colours

Select finishes and colours that go well with your overall design concept. Consider the colour scheme that already exists in your home and whether you like a textured, matte, or glossy finish. Although lighter colours offer a more contemporary touch, earthy tones look well in classic decor.

  • Consider the Budget

Give your tile project a budget. The cost of various varieties of Pathar tiles varies. Consider the cost of the tiles and the expenditures associated with installation and upkeep.


In Puducherry, where modernity and tradition collide, choosing the right Pathar tiles is essential to designing a peaceful living area. The colour and finish are important factors in attaining the desired aesthetic, along with the material you choose—granite, marble, or sandstone. To find a great selection of pathar design tiles and discover the ideal match for your home, visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Kirumampakkam, Puducherry. Accept the elegance of Pathar tiles and turn your space into a classic work of art.