Career Opportunities After Completing 12th

Career Options after 12th Arts that includes humanities, social sciences, and creative arts. They can enroll in bachelor’s degree programs in areas of literature, sociology, psychology, history, and political science. Also, careers in journalism, media, advertising and public relation are particular favorites for learners. For learners intending to pursue arts, various courses are available in fine arts, fashion designing, acting, dancing, interior designing, etc. Some of the options for courses among students include hospitality, event management, and tourism. Each of these fields provides a direction and development of specialization, as well as demands different preferences and talents developed during years of arts education.

Career Courses after doing 12th in Arts

Here are career courses options after 12th in arts presented

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Under the Bachelors of Arts, students can take Literature, History, Sociology, Psychology and other related fields that will create employment opportunities in education, research or administrative positions.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Nutritive to those love visual, performing and applied arts and leading to career paths such as designing, animation, theater and the like.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Provides the base educational level for positions in management, marketing, finance and human resources and many others.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW): Working on the area of social cause, the community and counseling, offering chances in the non-government organizations, social and welfare services and in the medical field as well.

Bachelor of Design (B. Des): Involves the designing of different areas i. e. , fashion designing , interior designing , industrial designing and so on that result in jobs in fashion houses, designing firms or freelancing.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC): Designed for careers that are in the media and journalism, advertising, public relations, and corporate communications.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): Provides skills in hospitality and hotel management that may be useful for careers in hotels, resorts and in the events and tourism industries.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): Specialized in computer science and application development; employment in companies that are into IT and software development and digital marketing.

Diploma Courses: Semester based program in photography, event management, graphics, foreign languages, etc. , which focus on delivering the specific training required for immediate employment in the related sectors.

These courses tend to focus on variety that exists within arts streams making it possible to prepare students for various routes in the society depending on the strengths they have and the goals they have in mind for the future.