Career growth: ways to improve your career prospects

Why do most people always feel happy on weekends when they don’t have to be at work? What’s the reason for peoples’ lack of productivity in their workplace? Why do some people seemingly look like square pegs in round holes in their jobs or in the course of study? The answer is not far-fetched; the reason is because they have little or no knowledge on the essence of Career Prospecting. A Research was conducted in the year 2000 at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. It was also revealed that 236 Graduating Medical students were asked this question: “If given a second opportunity, would you study medicine again? Interestingly, 24 percent said they would still study medicine, while the remaining 76 percent said they wouldn’t. Come to think of it, they all were already medical doctors. The 76 percent group might just have been influenced by pressures from family, peers, or being enticed by the prestige and honour accorded to medics. Just like them, more people are making the same mistake studying and working in career they have ability for. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average person spends 8.8 hours per day at work which is a little above 9,000 per hours per year which equates to one-third of your life. This much time cannot be given to a job or spent on career that won’t guarantee or give you life fulfillment. Everything is made clearer and better with the right knowledge of Career Prospecting.


There’s a popular saying that “you don’t test deep waters with both feet”. That is absolutely right. Before you think of studying a course or charting a career, then you need to first do your findings. This will give you the required knowledge on what exactly you are committing yourself into. To have a broader understanding of what Career Prospecting is all about, first let’s define both terms.

What is Career?

There are a lot of definitions of Career, but here’s my definition:

“A career is a profession, calling or field of endeavour for which someone trains and considerably undertakes as a means of earning a living or as one’s life work – as a means of fulfilling purpose.”

According to Wikipedia; the online encyclopedia, the word “career” ultimately originates from the Latin word “carrus” which means “wheeled vehicle”. In other words, a career is a vehicle that helps one progress in life through training and experience.

What is Prospecting?

The word “prospect” is from the Latin word “prospectus” which means “a view or outlook”

This means “Career Prospecting” has do with taking a good view on which field of endeavour, profession or calling has the best possibilities for you.

Here are three (3) ways you can do so:

With theses definitions in mind, it is much easier to understand the whole essence of Career Prospecting. But for further understanding, and to also help you make the right choice in order to aid your career growth, you need to identify the ways you can go about finding the prospect of any career.


It is said that first and best victory is to conquer self. The right way to do is to be your own critic. Don’t get me wrong, doing self-evaluation doesn’t mean that you are not good enough or that you should be harsh on yourself. But rather it is about knowing your ability by getting an honest feedback via evaluation tests. You can solicit for some constructive criticisms from honest friends too. I also recommend you do a Personal SWOT Analysis. Through this, you are to discover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This becomes more helpful as it will help to be able to align yourself with the career opportunities that suit your analysis. More so, if you are currently working, it will help to communicate your current state of mind, and help you create an action-plan to improve your workplace performance.


The world is gradually moving from the Industrial age to the Information age. So, the need to be on a live update is very expedient. It is often said that a man is either old or young at 80 or 20 if he keeps learning or if he stops learning. The decision to learn, unlearn and relearn is very essential in Career Prospecting. Whether you are a fresher, an entrepreneur or an engaged worker, it pays to be armed with current information in your industry, and potential career. Magazines, news sites, and blogs can all help you become a master in your chosen field and propel your career forward. Being able to know and share recent trends and findings from a career-minded standpoint show you have a growth mindset.     


No one is self-made because no man is an island. We all need the input of others in what we do in order to become who we desire to be. There are countless times I made and also received referrals in my workspace. Building meaningful relationships that can sharpen your professional sensitivity; enhance what you do; and take you beyond the boundaries of mediocrity is very important for personal success. By building and sustaining professional social networking profiles, seeking mentoring, attending seminars and workshops, and participating in forums, you sure increase your chances of creating powerful connections that can boost your career prospects. Get to know the best people in your field of endeavour, study their success secrets and if possible build a relationship with them. The Law of Attraction says thatLike begat like”. Be nice and do yourself the favour.

Author: Nwosu J. Obichi
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May 16, 2021

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