Can an Average Student Clear the Defence Exam?

Have you ever heard that only school toppers can crack the defence exam? If yes, then let us tell you that this is only a myth. Casting doubts on an average student is a mistake in a world where even the last rankers are bringing revolution. However, measuring someone’s capabilities with the help of marks is not right. Yes, we accept that cracking this exam requires high intellect. But remember that there is a difference between the academic syllabus and the syllabus of the government exam. This article can help you know how an average student can crack the defence exam. 

Despite knowledge, the defnece exams are conducted to check other capabilities of a  candidate also. Clearing the defence exam can lead you to a  golden opportunity to serve the motherland. Are you aiming to clear the upcoming CDS exam? If yes, then link with institutions that provide CDS coaching in Chandigarh. The experts in the institution can help you clear the doubts regarding the exam and can lead you to your goal.

Here are some tips that can help an average student crack the defence exam.

Note that it doesn’t matter that you were an average student or a college topper.  If you have a zeal to accomplish your goal then nothing is impossible for you. 

Crave the right  information

Many students start to read some popular books after deciding to prepare for the exam. Well, this is not the right way to prepare for the exam. For cracking the government exam, you should have the right information on everything relevant to the defence exam such as syllabus, notifications, necessary instructions and precautions, etc. For collecting the necessary information, surf the internet or ask experts. It is hard to suggest that many students aren’t permitted to enter the exam room because they don’t follow the necessary instructions. Read all the instructions on the admit cards carefully.  Don’t read random texts on the internet to prepare for the exam. Refer to the recognized material suggested by the experts. Right study material will keep you on the right track. 

Previous year’s question papers

Previous year’s question papers will help you know the pattern of the exam. It can guide you on what kind of questions can be asked in the exam. In short, the previous year’s question papers are the mirror of the exam. So start to solve these papers from today. Moreover, this can also help in reducing the negative marking. If possible then try to solve at least 10 previous year’s question papers before appearing in the exam. Are you aiming for the defence exam? If yes, then link with an institution that can provide you with the best defence exam coaching. The experts in the institution can help you in the preparations for the exam.

Time management

Mastering time management during the exam is very important. Time plays a very crucial role in cracking the government exam. Remember that how fast you can attempt the right answer matters more than attempting the right answer only. Don’t spend more than one minute on a single question. Remember that there is negative marking for the wrong question. You can master time management with the help of mock tests. Practice at least 4 mock tests in a week. However, practicing mock tests that are in the exact format of the exam can help you attempt the maximum number of questions during the exam. Moreover, this will also help in reducing the anxiety that usually happens during the exam. 

Positive  attitude

Your success depends on how you perceive the world. For clearing the government exam, it is mandatory to have a positive attitude. Because the first thing that you are going to face while preparing for the exam is stress. Only a positive attitude and faith can help you tackle the stress. The competition is getting stronger day by day. As a result, this is creating huge pressure on the minds of aspirants. So having a positive attitude is going to help you tackle the negative thoughts and fears. If possible, try to respond to negative situations with a positive attitude. 

Stay physically as well as mentally fit

While serving the nation you will come across so many situations that will require your physical fitness. Maintaining physical fitness before or after clearing the exam is important. How will you perform the rescue operations if you will not have a fit body? Moreover, there will be some rounds that won’t allow you to clear the exam if you don’t fulfill the physical requirements of the defence exam. So start to take care of your health from now on. Maintain a healthy diet and hydrate yourself very well.

Practice meditation

A sharp focus will lead you to your goal faster. Well, it is a sharp focus that can make an average student clear the defence exam. If you have sharp focus then this is good but if you are not good at it then practice meditation. Meditation will not help you in sharpening your focus but it will also help in calming the mind. Which will further help you in attempting the maximum right questions. You can use various mediation tricks to refresh your mind while preparing for the exam. 

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We hope that the tips mentioned in this article can help you understand how an average student can clear the exam if they have strong determination and enthusiasm. Take care of your health while preparing for the exam. Focus on your abilities and achieve your goal. 

March 29, 2022

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