Buying Valentine’s Balloons? Don’t Float Away Without These Tips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking to surprise your special someone with a romantic gesture, balloons can be a great option.

A beautiful Valentines bouquet of balloons is sure to put a smile on their face. But before heading out to the nearest balloon store or florist, keep these key tips in mind to help your gift take flight.

1. Choose Eye-Catching Colours  

When selecting what colours to get, think about your recipient’s personality and preferences. Bold reds, sultry pinks, and vibrant purples are classic Valentine’s colours that pair well with the romantic holiday.

Mix colours and patterns too for a fun and whimsical look. Solid balloons make a statement, whereas printed designs add a playful touch. Go for an assortment that reflects your partner’s unique style.

2. Factor in Shape and Size

Valentine’s balloons come in all shapes and sizes these days, not just the typical round ones. Consider heart-shaped, star-shaped, number-shaped or letter-shaped balloons to spell out messages like “I Luv U” or “Be Mine.” Towering jumbo balloons also create dramatic focal points.

Or stick to standard sizes that won’t overwhelm. You can combine an eclectic mix for extra visual interest. Scale and dimension matter when putting together balloon bouquets.

3. Incorporate Extra Decor Touches

Take your balloon bouquet to the next level by supplementing with decorative details that reinforce the Valentine’s Day motif. Intertwine crimson and pearl curling ribbons throughout for an eye-catching duo-chromatic effect. Insert a few stem roses or tulips to strike an elegant mixed media contrast.

Frame your focal piece in a wreath of warm white lights emitting a heavenly glow. Or opt for an explosion of holographic glitter confetti that rains down dazzling sparkles.

Every enchanting ornamental flourish lends a little something extra to amplify the overall ambience. So, embellish generously to add that finishing festive finesse!

4. Consider Adding Gifts

Want to delight your sweetheart beyond the bouquets of red roses and balloons? Weave tasteful accents into your display for an ultra-personalised presentation. Mini plush animals peeking out add playful pops of joy.

A box of their favorite chocolates satisfies sugar cravings. Custom greeting cards with inside jokes share smiles. Handwritten poems speak sonnets. Photobooth pics cause flashbacks. Little charms symbolising special moments touch hearts.

Each sentimental detail specially selected for them merges together in one magical love-filled arrangement conveying how cherished they are. These custom finishing adornments sweetly say, “I thought of you.”

5. Know Your Budget

When deciding how elaborate you want your balloon bouquet to be this Valentine’s Day, first consider the extent you wish to splurge. Build your gift within reasonable bounds that feel fulfilling for you. Individual shiny Mylar balloons make for affordable yet still cheery options.

But for the ultimate romantic statement, an intricate display of artfully shaped foil balloons—forming cupid hearts, doves and flourishing roses—could be the crowning jewel that steals their breath away. Or go bold with a towering I LUV U message in their favorite colours that reaches new emotional heights.

For a budget-friendly way to shout your feelings, stick to standard shapes and sizes with minimal frills. With the right thoughtful mindset, you can create affordable magic.

Focus on crafting a gift that conveys the depth of your devotion without the depth of your pockets determining your decision. Any sincere showing of affection will be a joy to behold.

6. Order and Pick Up Early

The early lovebird gets the worm and the balloons! When it comes to securing stunning Valentine’s balloons, timing is everything. Place your order for a customised bouquet 1-2 weeks prior to the big V-Day.

Why so early? Because Cupid isn’t the only one crafting special plans this time of year. The influx of paramours prepping surprises keeps balloon artisans extra busy filling advance orders for February 14th. Don’t delay or you could sorely miss out.

Many shops start pre-sales weeks in advance since it’s their busiest celebration. Then pick up your balloons 1-2 days pre-holiday to allow proper inflating and arranging time without fear of early deflation.

Trust in the tried-and-true wisdom—failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This is one occasion you don’t want to suddenly fall flat! Map out the logistics so everything’s tied up neatly with a flourishing bow. Stay one step ahead of the love game, and you’ll wow your Valentine without a hitch.


When it comes to gift delivery in Brisbane for Valentine’s Day, small details make a big difference in creating a wow-worthy gift. Carefully consider colour, shape, size, accents, add-ons, budget, and timing—these strategic tips set your bouquet up for sweet success.

Follow this heartfelt advice so you can surprise your special someone with balloons that convey just how much you care. Watching their face light up when they receive those lovely lift-me-up balloons will have you both floating on air this Valentine’s Day!