Best Time to Visit Goa with Your Partner

Are you planning for a trip to Goa with your partner? Thinking, which month is the ideal time for a Goa trip? Don’t worry; in this blog our maths homework Expert experts will guide you regarding the temperature condition of Goa and which month would be apt for a romantic trip in detail.

Goa has always been a preferred destination for the couples for its natural beauty, sunshine, coastal beaches, coastal food, resorts and many more. All in all, Goa is a full package for entertainment and relaxation whether it is with family, friends or with a partner.

But before planning for a Goa trip, you need to know which time is apt for visiting. Because, Goa is such a place whose weather condition is very uncertain. We don’t know when it will lose its track. In its sunny atmosphere you may take a sunbath and enjoy the sea with your partner, on the other hand in the starry night you may participate in the dance program in the sea beaches. So, I hope no one wants to miss these opportunities while visiting Goa. Its natural ambience, atmosphere, everything is just perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation and makes your mind cheerful and energetic.

In different seasons, Goa’s atmosphere changes and each season has its own beauty and shades. Now it is totally your choice which season you want to enjoy. Each season offers a different beauty, color and vibrant look. The peak season to visit Goa is between November and March when winter remains in India. You may visit other months of the year but at that time very few tourists visit this place for its high temperature and frequent showers.

In the winter season, Goa’s average temperature remains between 20 and 30 degree C. After the monsoon season, the whole Goa is turned into greenery with the arrival of winter. Warm rays of the sun and slightly cold breeze make the atmosphere perfect for the travelers. At night you may enjoy the beating of sea waves on the rocks with your partner and can make your trip remarkable. In the daytime you may enjoy the churches, castles, inns etc. In February if you visit Goa, you may be a part of Goa Carnival where you can rejuvenate yourself with music, food, dance and a plethora of fun.

In monsoon season (between June and August), its average temperature remains between 25 and 30 degree C and it faces frequent showers. The days may be humid but nights in Goa in monsoon are pleasant and cool. During this season you may enjoy various festivals, food made of coconut, sea food and many more. Rain makes this place greener and reveals its natural beauty clearly that attracts more tourists during monsoon.

During the summer season (between March and May), Goa’s average temperature remains between 30 and 40 degree C. During these months you can enjoy Goa’s natural beauty by sitting at the beaches and enjoying the sunrise and sunset. At day time, you may try some adventure sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing and many more. As most people avoid visiting Goa during summer, as a result Goa remains less crowdie and quiet and makes the environment tranquil. During summer too, you may experience some festivals in Goa like Holi, Shigmo Parade, Sao Joao Festival and many more.

 If you love less people and want to enjoy the calm pleasant atmosphere, then you can definitely make your plan for a trip to Goa during summer. But most people avoid it, for its scorching heat.


if you are thinking of a Goa trip, before taking any step must check its weather condition. And the most important thing is don’t forget to book your hotel or resort to avoid any unnecessary trouble. For any kind of help you can ask our help with case study experts without hesitation by logging to our official website.