Best things to know about fast-streaming Wi-Fi on Delta

Best Three Things to Know About Fast-Streaming Wi-Fi on Delta

Streaming your favorite content and finishing an important business for presentation or for shopping then you would surely like to do it from your sofa or bed. 

This is why Delta is the best solution for this about which we are going to talk in this blog. Today we are going to discuss the best three things you must know about

This wi-fi service has emerged as a very good one as even in the times of pandemic the airline doubles the vision of reality by investing in new technology which will further unlock a new era of connected traveling in the upcoming years. 

Some facts about delta wifi 

New Viasat Wi-fi is twice as fast as the service that this airline offered in the year 2019. 

More than 300 aircraft are equipped with a very fast streaming wifi Viasat ka- band today and by the end of the year, it is planned to be offered by 500+ aircraft. 

Since June 2021, almost 16.1 million devices were connected, 2,00,000 flights were flown and almost 4,27,000 hours were spent on the Viasat-equipped aircraft. 

Viasat connectivity serves more than 50% of the domestic enplanements for customers. 

Best Three Things to Know About Delta Wi-Fi

Let us proceed ahead to know more good things about delta wifi. If you are interested in knowing about it then read the blog entirely. 

Establishing a connection to Wi-fi and free messaging is easy

It is very much easy to connect to the onboard Wi-fi very easily and any customer can do it without any help. Once you are onboard you can select the network named from the settings of the device. 

After it is connected you will be automatically directed to the landing page where the wifi could be purchased. The passengers can use their smartphones to stay connected to their friends and family with the help of messages too without any extra charge. 

Spotting the decal to know if the aircraft already has fast streaming

Customers who are on Viasat-equipped routes can look for a decal on the exterior of the plane while boarding. This will help you see where the wifi is already streaming and you can also keep an eye out for the indicators during the booking which will denote “New Wi-Fi” is accessible. 

You can also know more about delta wifi and more specifications about it by visiting the official website of delta wifi which is 

Using an existing Wi-Fi subscription

This is a thing that the frequent customers of delta airlines must know so that they are able to access the Wi-Fi onboard. If you have bought one subscription you can enjoy troubles streaming, messages and other services across all the wifi enabled delta routes. 

This way you do not need to pay for the subscriptions again and again by spending your money. We hope that this information about delta wifi was able to help you know more about it and the services it provides. 

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