Text-to-Speech Software

Best Text-to-Speech Software to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2022

Technology has been used to enhance the lives of humanity for decades. It has helped us calculate faster, improve our creativity, and connect internationally. All thanks to text-to-speech online software that helps increase your reading potency.  This technological advancement has changed the lives of many especially people with disability. It has expanded into multiple applications where it can amaze, delight, and include its features within their spheres of entertainment and business. As these products are becoming more sophisticated day by day, the demand for authentic and natural speech options increases. With the increase in demand, the need for quality increases along with it.

While there is multiple software available, some of them do not provide qualities that are satisfactory for e-learning. But what is exactly, Text-to-Speech (TTS)?. The software Text-to-Speech (TTS), facilitates a written text converted into a speech format. The convenience in voice recognition technology is that it empowers TTS to establish a more human-like sound to provide instant human satisfaction through greetings on IVR calls.

Some benefits of text-to-speech software are discussed below:

Better Presence in the Web: Websites that use this software are more likely to capture the attention of their customers. For instance, it attracts more than 283 million visually impaired people and 774 million people who have a literary problem.

Saves Time and Money: Text-to-Speech online software helps the business to have a natural sounding voice interpret your reading. As a result, more people would be interested in the brands’ products. While comparing TTS with traditional transcribing information, can cost more and take a lot of time.

Improved Text Reading: Some people find it difficult to read long passages which can be due to their difficulty in text length, word choice, or other reading issues. With the help of TTS, the customer can get the reading levels up to par or an advanced level within months of training.

Some of the best Text-to-Speech online software are discussed below:

  • Knowlarity: It offers a TTS application that helps to scale up businesses like never before, by increasing the reach to their customers. It provides voice quality and pitch control by controlling the pronunciation, volume, emphasizes the text and speech rate according to the context. It increases IVR options by adding recorded voice to the existing IVR script immediately giving the caller to choose from multiple options.  There are various benefits of Knowlarity’s TTS software are discussed below:
  • Human-Like voice quality is offered: Customers are offered an Indian-based accent through a near-to-human voice experience.
  • Voice Control: The pitch is controlled by the perfect delivery of the voice that has the accent of India.
  • Multilingual Options and Accents: Text-to-Speech covers a list of global vocabulary incorporating mainly English, Hindi, and many Indian accents.
  • Campaign Customization: TTS customizes the speech and voice modulation based on the kind of product or services and nature of the campaign.
  • Setting Alerts/Reminders: TTS software sends automated alerts, reminders for appointments events, and due dates.
  • Effective Cost: It has flexible pricing options that enable greater transparency in cost management.
  • Notevibes: It is a software that helps patients with dyslexia and people who have learning disabilities. It has multiple natural sounds that do not sound robotic. And, the beginners can simply turn it into MP3 files for free.
  • Naturaltts: It also controls the pronunciation, volume, and speech rate with the help of SSML tags editor. It establishes preloaded voices which are rarely found. You can choose between multiple tones of voice and find the one that suits you best.  
  • Voicepods: Voicepods are more user-friendly than many other choices in the market. It can create a custom voice with their program which is a unique feature. They have an Expressive Content Editor, which is very convenient for the average user to add expression to their voice.

To conclude there are multiple choices in the market. However, each one has different sets of qualities that can be used for various levels of learning.  If you are looking for something that performs well for its value, then thinking about getting Knowlarity would be the best option. This software would make your effort much easier for reading, comprehending, and more tailored to your goals.