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Best Gift Ideas for Her in 2023: Black Friday Deals

It’s crunch time gents! With shipping delays and logistics issues still around, you’d better get your Holiday Season shopping in gear, lest you want to incur the wrath of your missus or significant other. Now that Black Friday is just around the corner, you should take advantage of these great deals while it’s still early. 

If you’re still out of ideas for great gifts to give, don’t sweat it. We’re here to provide some inspiration. While getting the best tech device (read: iPhone 14) is a great idea, your girl will equally appreciate the small things like iPhone 14 pro max wallet case or other cute cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max

So What Is Black Friday?

It’s the popular term for the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. This year, Black Friday falls on November 26. The name caught on while being used to describe the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year. Now, retailers in the US and other countries use the term to signal the beginning of their holiday sales season. In fact, most retailers have already begun with their pre-Black Friday sales online. 

But Why Doesn’t Apple Ever Have A Sale Or Black Friday Deal?

If you want to give your girl the best without breaking the bank, you can’t just buy an iPhone 13 from any retailer or even Apple itself. You see iPhone users are so loyal to the brand that they’re willing to pay full price for the latest device. But Apple acknowledges this and instead, offers Apple Store Gift Cards up to $150. As an alternative, you can trade in your old iPhone for additional discounts. Or if your girl doesn’t mind an older phone, Apple slashes the prices of previous models whenever a new one comes out. 

Will the iPhone 13 be the best iPhone?

As expected from Apple, their latest line of iPhones doesn’t disappoint. With a great display, upgraded cameras, and better battery life, it’s certainly the best phone out there. And since it’s a huge investment, you better be prepared to shell out more to keep her device protected. Luckily you don’t have to spend a whole lot to accessorize her phone.

Are the Black Friday deals really sweet?

Black Friday deals are super sweet. That’s because retailers usually push their socks by giving out huge discounts. They know that sales are going to spike so they can afford to slash their prices. And while you won’t get any discount from buying the iPhone 13, at least you can save up on keeping it safe and secure. Here are some sweet deals on cases for iPhone 13 and more. 

Essential iPhone 13 Wallet Cases

She’ll surely love these cases if she tends to forget to bring her essential things. A good wallet case lets her carry her iPhone and cards plus cash. A great wallet folio case lets her do that, protects her data with anti-RFID technology, and includes a detachable magnetic phone case for convenience. They’re also MagSafe compatible so charging her phone is made easy.

If she wants more storage, go for our Sunset Blvd Magnetic Wallet Case. 

For more emphasis on fashion, check out the Park Ave.

Head-Turning Cases For iPhone 13

You know she likes to be noticed. So why not get her an Artist Series case for her iPhone? These durable and stylish cases will definitely turn heads and make her device stand out from the rest. These protective cases have rated 10-foot drop protection, built-in antimicrobial coating, and raised bezels to soak in the bumps and drops of everyday use. They also feature amazing artworks from breakthrough North American artists. Find out what your lady wants and check out these designs from our EllowDee Moonlit Collection and DiviArts Watercolor Collection.

Screen Protection For Her iPhone 13

Her phone’s display is one of its more important parts. It’s the part that she interacts with the most and keeping it in pristine condition is important to maintain maximum viewing pleasure. Our iPhone 13 Screen Protectors offer the best in scratch protection with their 9H hardness. At just 0.33mm, they don’t add unnecessary bulk to her phone’s screen and help maintain touch sensitivity. They’re made with HD Crystal clear films for color accuracy. As for added features, check out these other variants: 

For the neat freak, get an Antimicrobial Screen Protector.

Our Anti-blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector protects her eyes and lets her sleep better.

Then there’s our Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector for data protection and privacy. 

Keeping Her iPhone Alive

Help her keep in touch with the digital world by keeping her phone’s battery fully charged. Our Wireless Charging Pads come in different colors and designs and offer 10watts of wireless charging. You know how she loves to match her accessories. She’ll definitely go gaga over these Artist Design Wireless Chargers. Not only do they provide faster 15watt wireless charging speeds, but they also feature matching artworks from our Designer Cases. And if she’s got multiple devices, you should get her our Wireless Power Banks that can charge 3 devices at once. 

Don’t forget to get the right Charging Cables for her iPhone 13. Choose the right cable for her charger and device. If she’s still using an old charging brick, you can get her this cute Marble Lightning Cable or a tough Metal Braided Lightning Cable. For a more modern charger, this sturdy Braided Lightning to Type C Cable allows for faster charging.

Keep Her And Her iPhone Safe On The Road

Lastly, you should consider getting her a dependable car phone mount. These car mounts are stable and provide excellent visibility if she needs quick access to her device while on the road. They’re essential for her and her phone’s safety while driving. If she prefers convenience, these Magnetic Car Mounts provide the ultimate ease of use. For added stability, consider getting a Cradle Mount, perfect for larger devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But if you want to give her the best, then WOW her with a Wireless Charging Car Phone Mount. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a wireless charger and the added convenience of an automatic phone mount.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this has given you some nifty ideas on what to get her for the Holidays. The Black Friday deals on these iPhone 13 cases and accessories won’t last that long so hurry up and grab them while you still can. These are sure to make her and her iPhone happy!