5 Best Car Rental Apps for iOS

If you’re planning to visit a major metropolitan area, such as New York City or Los Angeles, during your travels, chances are that you’ll need to rent a car at some point during your trip. With the vast number of sights and attractions in each city, there’s no way you can walk everywhere and still have time to enjoy the full city experience. That’s why having an efficient, reliable car rental app that can help you get from place to place quickly and easily can be essential on your trip. Here are five of the best car rental apps for iOS users


The SnappCar app helps users find and rent cars within a particular area. Once you’ve selected a vehicle, you’ll be shown its location on a map. You can see photos of all rental cars, choose your preferred model and schedule an appointment to test-drive it. The best thing about SnappCar is that customers don’t have to pay any deposit; however, they do have to provide their personal details before being allowed to drive away in one of these cars.


If you’re planning a trip that involves renting a car, chances are you want to save money. Sure, it can be expensive to rent a car when you don’t need one—but who wants to spend tons of cash on something they only use occasionally? The travel-focused app Turo aims to change all that by allowing you to rent out your own vehicle when you’re not using it. You can then make money and pay off your next rental. For example, say your family always travels with two cars but rarely needs both—you could easily become an Uber driver during those times, taking passengers from point A to point B in a town far away and renting out your second car during peak season when demand is high.


You might have noticed that car rental agencies aren’t really into making apps of their own. For a while, Hertz was close to being an exception to that rule with its FlyBuys car-rental app; sadly, it hasn’t seen an update in more than a year. You can still rent cars using FlyBuys and download its app, but we don’t recommend it: The interface is old and confusing and you won’t get any special rewards or discounts when you do. Your best bet—for both better service and better savings—is to use Driven.


Whether you’re looking to share a ride or find a driver, Splitmate is a simple and slick way to meet people who have similar routes as you. It helps both parties because people can get rid of their extra seats and make some money in return while saving on gas. If it sounds too good to be true, well it isn’t: users can rate each other so that those with bad driving records aren’t likely to be asked again. Give it a try! (Free)


This app is a godsend if you’re planning on driving in Italy. Not only does it come with all of ZUI’s standard features, but it also has an integrated translator, detailed maps of Italy and many other major European cities, and offline city guides for when you don’t have data. It even allows you to pay your toll fees with a simple tap from your phone. Honestly, there isn’t much more to say about Zuper: it just works very well.