E-learning is as beneficial to instructors as it is to learners; it is infact a win-win relationship.

Below are few of the many benefits of an instructor:

  • Wide reach: in a system that has no geographical confinement to its functions/operations, its reach is unlimited. Unlike other forms of already existing educational systems which sticks to particular patterns using class rooms, lecture halls and so on to reach out to students. When instructors teach through e-learning platforms, they have almost an unlimited audience to reach out to, depending on how the platform is designed. Therefore, for someone who is passionate about sharing knowledge and impacting academically in the lives of others, the limitation of a confined environment is eliminated because e-learning uses the internet which can be accessed anywhere in the world. As an e-learning instructor, you can move from having a few hundreds of students to thousands with more ease in teaching.
  • Flexibility and convenience:

This is a common benefit to both instructors and students while it applies to students in terms of being in control of when and where to learn, instructors are also not compelled to a particular environment to make learning materials (videos, audios, lecture notes). They only make these materials available according to agreed target. So instructors do not have to leave their families for the job. At the end, it is a win-win situation.

  • Extra income: a lot of times we hear lecturers complain about their jobs not paying well and so they have to go into other businesses to make ends meet or maybe you are passionate about teaching but have other businesses/ work elsewhere. Guess what? With e-learning you can make that extra cash conveniently without making your business suffer because it is straight forward and not time consuming. You don’t have to bother about marking scripts or compiling results, everything is done automatically by the system.
  • Consistency and compliance: everybody has an agreed role, just like in every other traditional educational system. There is normally an agreement with legal backing for both parties (instructors and the learning platforms) which ensures compliance to roles. An e-learning provider cannot mount duties that were not previously agreed on and make you work out of your will as seen in a lot of traditional systems in Nigeria.
  • Saves cost:

Instructors are not necessarily lecturers, they are simply individuals who posses expertise in a specific field for example a baker, caterers, makeup artists and so on. For a lot of independent instructors, there are lots of things that have to be put in place before class sessions or seminars can take place. The Cost of printing materials, renting halls for classes, transport and accommodation, fuel for vehicles can all be struck out when you present your classes via e-learning platforms and make more profits.


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