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Makeup and Beauty

Beauty & Makeup (9)

  • Make-up ebook

    By Trendimi
    Have you secretly longed to become a nail artist? Grooming has become a huge industry and eNews even had a special stage and camera for nails at a recent red carpet event! In our nail-artistry course, we focus on the most up to date looks and really useful advice on how to develop professional techniques. With this training in your back pocket, you’re fee to avail of the growing opportunities in this highly sought after profession.

    Make-up ebook

  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

    By Bobbi Brown
    I’ve written this book for everyone: my artists, students, friends, and every woman who ever wanted professional instruction. I’ve gone into more detail than ever before and photographed hundreds of step-by-step photos to show you as much detail as possible. I’ve also put the entire “class” into the sequence that I believe works best. Understanding the skin is the best way to start, and then building from foundation and concealer to color, lips, eyes, and everything in between. I believe this will be the most comprehensive makeup lesson you will ever have.

  • Makeup for the stage

    By Mary Ellen Hunt
    Learn how to do makeup for stage performances

  • Saloon Fundamentals - Cosmetology

    By Pivot point International
    All the fundamentals and key information to set up a Saloon

  • Nora Hairstyle Tutorial

    By Lauren Rennells
    Learn the techniques behind The Nora's hairstyle


    HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS IN PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS: The aim of this handbook is to provide relevant information on hair products used in salons for you, the hairdresser, to make an assessment of possible health and safety risks for you and your clients associated with using these products.


    Learn the key skills and tips of a hair stylist


    This vocational specialism facilitates personal development and provides an introduction to the knowledge and practical skills of haircare, beautycare, bodycare, customer care and salon care. It is useful as a preparation for employment or possible future training in the hairdressing or beauty business. Students can also apply the knowledge and skills acquired to improving their own personal presentation.


  • Beauty Therapies

    By Rai Technology University Beauty Therapies covers Facials, Hair Removal, Types of Hair Removals, Eyes and Brows, Nails, Body Treatments, Botox Dermatology, Skin Health, Teeth Whitening, Makeup.

    Beauty Therapies


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