Beautiful European Countries to Invest in a Holiday Retreat 

Europe has long been a popular tourist destination with so many beautiful cities to visit. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that individuals desire to purchase holiday rental properties there. If you’re looking to invest in holiday rentals, here are some of the top places in European countries that can help you make the best decision. However, market research is unavoidable. Among the most important things to consider are the country’s laws, political environment, and economic conditions. 


Germany’s acceptance of foreigners is what qualifies it for this list. The German market is also quite receptive to overseas investors, making it an excellent choice for various company investments. Furthermore, Germany is a globally renowned economic powerhouse. Germany has the fourth-biggest economy in the world and a good educational system. When well-established rules are factored in, this nation is a haven for investors.

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Montenegro is among Europe’s emerging property destinations, because of its pleasant climate, stable economy, and affordable rates. This small Eastern European country has seen rapid development in recent years, and all indications point to more progress. You shouldn’t be concerned about not finding a great rental property with numerous options.

If you want to invest in property, Montenegro could be the location for you. Although it is frequently neglected, this sea-bordering country receives a considerable number of visitors each summer. The reason to choose Montenegro for property investment is that property prices are relatively inexpensive. Whether you want to buy a beach property for yourself or to rent out, first you can look for the Montenegrin property online for real estate listings that meet both your preferences and your budget.


For a variety of reasons, Spain is a desirable country for many investors and a popular tourist destination. In general, utility costs in Spain are lower than in other countries with comparable economic standing. The real estate costs are fairly cheap, making it a good location for investment. Furthermore, Spain is an excellent choice if you want to start a business or expand. This is due to lower labour costs than in many other European countries. 

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Scandinavian countries

According to a 2020 survey conducted by the European Chamber, the Nordic nations are among the best places to invest in terms of business, with Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland claiming the top four ranks. These countries are stable and peaceful, and their labour-force participation rates are higher than in most other countries. Furthermore, the average wage in Nordic countries is among the highest in the world. While more costly labour may make expanding in Nordic countries unappealing, there are various reasons to do so. Investors believe that the Northern countries have a stable market, making a less risky option if a suitable plan is established ahead of time.


Italy as a whole is unquestionably one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. It is well known in the tourist business due to prominent cities such as Rome, Milan, and Venice. Naples is a popular tourist destination in Italy due to its rich culture, art, and delectable cuisine. Naples is not as commercialized as Rome, but it nevertheless offers visitors a real Italian experience with fantastic locations to explore such as castles, historic monuments, and magnificent architecture.

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Braga in Portugal is most likely among the most stunning and welcoming places in Europe. This seaside nation is proud of its business spirit and openness. People in Braga are not just kind and inviting, but also hard-working and highly qualified. The city also has a lower tax burden for startups, making it an attractive place to invest in holiday rental properties. Although numerous business events are held in Braga, the city is also known for its historical landmarks, various attractions, and delicious gastronomy.


Greece is a brisk short-term renting market. Kallithea, an Athens district, has year-round high demand, well-increased revenues, and high rental demand, making it an ideal location to set up listings that offer to urban tourists. This popularity among tourists, combined with the still-relatively low property costs, makes Greek vacation properties appealing investments. This is due to a shift out from hotels and toward individual holiday properties or vacation homes. The majority of vacationers prefer residences that are immediately on the beach or have a sea view. 

In conclusion

This list should have given you a good sense of which countries are good for investing in. Once you’ve decided on a country, you’ll need to conduct an additional study to identify the best cities for investment.