Bamboo Nonwoven Fabric – Perfect choice for personal care products

As a professional nonwoven products supplier, Wesba Clean have provided nonwoven material to lots of fields such as foodservice, workshop, medical, spill control etc..To expand our products application range, now Wesba Clean would like to launch one new product to customers: 100% Bamboo Nonwoven.


1. 100% natural bamboo fiber
2. Weight range: 40-80gsm.
3. Available Width: 10cm – 320cm
4. Color: white and burlywood
5. Format:jumbo roll; converted wipe sheets

main strengths

1. Higher absorption capacity -8 times absorption of its own weight.
2. Soft hand feeling for sensitive cleaning or other personal care products
3. Excellent MD/CD ratio, strong enough, no deformation during use
4. Naturally anti-bacterial and hygienic
5. Totally degradable and eco-friendly

Made of improved hydroentangle nonwoven technology, the bamboo nonwoven is soft and has silk similar hand feeling when used for facial cleansing, facial mask, baby wipes and other kinds of personal care products.

Due to its raw material – natural bamboo fiber characteristics, this bamboo nonwoven fabric captures good performance in antibacterial rate, from the following report we can know its ratio among three different bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans)
is ≥96%, highly satisfy GB/T 20944.3-2008 requirement.When you use it in personal care field, this material helps to prevent cross infection, safe choice for elderly care, baby wipes and people with sensitive skin.

At last, its organic natural fiber is totally degradable in soil, the bamboo nonwoven is more environmentally friendly than other nonwoven material.

Why people choose us?
1. Ten years’ experience of customizing cost-effective integration solution for different nonwoven products.
2 Professional QC system to ensure the quality of each batch of production.
3. More considerate payment solutions for long-term cooperated customers.
4. We provided timely and responsible crisis management solutions during cooperation.personal care products