ATM Space for Rent

ATM Space for Rent – Elevate Your Business Location

Are you in search of the perfect centrally located ATM space to ensure a constant flow of customers daily? Your search concludes here! This business building is situated in the vibrant area of Mira Road, boasting contemporary infrastructure and an attractive position adjacent to Wockhardt Hospital. This location offers more than just pedestrian traffic for your ATM business – it is a gateway to increased profits. Seize the opportunity to elevate your business visibility and earnings by securing this prime ATM space for rent.

Details of the ATM Space

Here are the specifics of this prime ATM space for rent in the heart of Mira Road:

  • Prime Location in Wockhardt Hospital

Nestled in the bustling area of Mira Road, this expansive commercial building covers an area of 125 sq. ft and is exclusively open for ATM use. It strategically occupies a spot within Wockhardt Hospital, drawing significant crowds and making it a unique opportunity for those seeking a substantial return on investment.

  • Rent and Deposit Details

The rent for this financially rewarding ATM space is set at 50,00 INR, catering to businesses aiming to expand their reach. Supported by a deposit of 3 lakhs INR, this lease agreement assures both parties of a secure transaction.

Why Choose This ATM Space for Rent?

Situated in the dynamic locality of Mira Road, this spacious commercial establishment within Wockhardt Hospital is an ideal choice for anyone looking to generate a high return on their investment. Here are the benefits it offers:

  • Carpet Area of 125 Sq. Ft.: With a carpet area of 125 sq. ft, this ATM space provides ample room for equipment, contributing to a more comfortable banking experience for users.

  • Naturally Ventilated Space: To ensure customer comfort, the space for this ATM rental is naturally ventilated, creating a welcoming and pleasant environment for users and enhancing their banking experience.

  • Easily Accessible Location Benefits: Conveniently located in Wockhardt Hospital, the ATM space is strategically positioned to make transactions effortless for customers. This convenient location increases overall accessibility, attracting more foot traffic and potential customers.

  • Budget-Friendly Venue for More Savings: This ATM space is not only strategically positioned but also cost-effective to run, reducing operational costs. The affordability makes it an attractive option for those aiming to maximize profits.

  • Excellent Visibility for Higher ROI: The ATM’s location within Wockhardt Hospital offers excellent visibility, resulting in a higher return on investment as more customers are likely to avail of the services provided.

Find Your ATM Space Today!

If you’ve been searching for an ATM space for rent in Mira Road with an ideal location, low costs, and promising returns, this property within Wockhardt Hospital is the one for you. Secure your spot today and position your business for success in this vibrant community.

Being ideally situated in the bustling area of Mira Road, this ATM space ensures a constant influx of passersby as potential customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to establish a profitable presence and thrive in this lively business atmosphere with AsmitA India Reality, a trusted name in the real estate business!