Are Property Prices in Pakistan Falling?

The current situation with inflation is not only bad for Pakistan’s economy but also for the world economy as a whole. Even though overall Real Estate prices are down globally, the real estate market in Pakistan is still standing firmly. 

Even though there is political unrest, trouble with law and order, and flooding in the country, the real estate market has proven to be an important part of the country. 

If you have been worried about property prices falling in Pakistan, then you have just landed in the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the factor of whether the real estate prices in Pakistan are falling or not. To generalize about the real estate market in Pakistan, we need to understand a few things.

But before we start discussing the current condition of property prices, let us offer you some professional advice. Lahore Smart City is currently the most profitable real estate investment option these days. Let’s start with whether or not property prices are falling.

  • A rise in housing demand
  • Plot file exchange 
  • Build, Invest, and Sell:

A Rise in Housing Demand:

Pakistan’s population is growing at a rate of 2% per year, which means that more homes are needed in the country. However, it isn’t the only reason for the rise in housing demand. The migration of people from rural to urban areas also increases the demand for housing in Pakistan. The increasing demand for housing in urban areas is keeping real estate prices high.

This is why the prices are not coming down anymore. But the Corona pandemic couldn’t stop it because more people are looking for homes than there are houses right now. For instance, we have seen a huge increase in real estate investment such as Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Hateem City Multan, and DHA Lahore, etc. 

Plot File Exchange:

The plot file exchange is something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world but in Pakistan. In a plot file exchange, the buyers buy a plot file and then sell it to some other seller; the exchange of plot files causes a partial rise in the property price. This is why property prices in Pakistan are not falling because the actual demand for property is still not being met. 

Build, Invest, and Sell:

Investing, building, and then selling the property for profit has become the norm in Pakistan. However, if we leave the giant developers, such as Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd., BSM developers, and DHA developers, there are plenty of smaller developers working across the country. This is why investing, building, and selling property for profit is increasing the prices of properties, specifically in Pakistan. 

Bottom Line:

Property prices in Pakistan cannot fall due to the country’s current inflationary conditions and political instability. There are many reasons for this, such as an increase in the number of people looking for a place to live, the frequent exchange of plot files, and both small and large-scale building projects. 

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