Antibody Discovery Services and Platforms Market – Market Landscape (Service Providers and Platform Providers)

Given the multifaceted advantages of antibody discovery services and platforms, the field has witnessed an increase in the number of players involved in the development of such solutions. The domain features the presence of over 80 service providers and 124 platform providers which are involved in providing services for antibody discovery. The market is characterized by the presence of small companies / start-ups (up to 50 employees) followed by mid-sized companies (51-500 employees) and large companies (more than 500 employees). Examples of service and platform providers include (in alphabetical order) AbBioSci, Bio-Rad Laboratories and DJS Antibodies.

Majority of the players (94) offer services related to antibody optimization. This step involves modification of the most promising lead compounds to impart drug-like properties to it before it can be selected as a clinical candidate. Of these, 46 companies offer antibody humanization services, 40 offer affinity maturation services while 8 companies offer Fc engineering services. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that five service providers, namely Abveris Antibody, BioDuro Biologics, HD Biosciences, ProteoGenix and Wuxi Biologics serve as one-stop-shop for all the antibody discovery steps mentioned above.

In addition, we came across 37 companies which provide discovery services for both therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies; examples include (in alphabetical order) Aldevron, BIOTEM, Creative Diagnpostics and Syngene. Further, 22 companies provide services for only therapeutic antibodies while five companies provide services for only diagnostic antibodies. Examples include (in alphabetical order) Ab Studio (therapeutic), Accurus Biosciences (therapeutic), ChemPartner (therapeutic), Maine Biotechnology Services (diagnostic), and OriGene Technologies (diagnostic).

Majority of antibody discovery platforms (81) are library-based, such as phage display, yeast display and mammalian display. Amongst library-based methods, phage display is the most widely used, followed by yeast display and mammalian display techniques.[1] Examples of platforms based on library-based methods are (in alphabetical order) Abtracer (developed by Molcure), E-ALPHA (developed by Eureka Therapeutics), MoGRAA (developed by NB Health Laboratory) and n-CoDeR Antibody Library (developed by BioInvent). Single cell-based methods emerged as the next most popular type of antibody discovery method accounting for nearly 30 technologies. Examples of such platforms include AlivaMab Mouse (Ablexis), OmniAb (Ligand Pharmaceuticals) and The Trianni Mouse (TRIANNI).

Further, majority of the platform providers (38%) are actively involved in the discovery of monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies have become a predominant therapeutic modality in the healthcare industry. It is important to mention that over 500 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies are being evaluated by various players around the world.[2] Notable examples of the players that claim to discover fully human monoclonal antibodies include (in alphabetical order) AvantGen, Distributed Bio, ImmunoPrecise Antibody, and Symphogen.

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