Alternative Therapies for Asthma: An Overview & Biomagnetism Therapy

Are you suffering from Asthma and tried using inhalers and steroid medications? Then look nowhere. You are in the right place to know more about alternative therapies for asthma and manage your health issues related to asthma.

Read this blog post, as we will provide an overview of some popular alternative asthma therapies, including biomagnetism, and take a deeper look at one emerging option called biomagnetism therapy.

An Overview

Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs and causes breathing problems. It makes the airways in the lungs become swollen and narrower. Airways are the tubes that let air in and out of the lungs. When they get narrow, it’s hard to breathe. This can make people cough, wheeze, feel chest tightness, and be short of breath. 

The exact cause isn’t known, but it seems to involve both genetic and environmental factors. Things like allergens, irritants, infections, weather, stress, and exercise can trigger asthma symptoms and make the airways irritated and swollen. 

Common asthma symptoms are coughing, especially at night, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. There is no cure for asthma. Treatment tries to control the symptoms. 

Quick-relief medicines like inhalers help open up the airways during flare-ups. Long-term control medicines like inhaled steroids help prevent symptoms. Avoiding triggers, exercising, and making lifestyle changes can also help manage asthma.

Regular treatments like inhalers and medicines are very important. But more and more people want to try extra therapies, to use these along with regular treatments to help manage their asthma. Continue reading to know more about alternative treatments.

Biomagnetism Therapy for Asthma

Biomagnetic pair therapy is an alternative therapy that uses pairs of magnets with different magnetic fields to treat various health issues and realign the body’s energy flow. 

The two key components of biomagnetism are:

Identifying imbalances: The biomagnetism practitioner uses a special tool called a biomagnetometer. This measures the magnetic fields from different organs and tissues in the body. It finds magnetic differences that may show inflammation or disease.

Rebalancing magnetically: Once areas of imbalance are found, small magnetic pairs are placed directly onto the body along specific points or organs identified as having imbalance. The goal is to rebalance the body’s magnetic field and energy flow to treat disease and reduce symptoms.

For asthma, the biomagnetism therapist aims to reduce lung inflammation and open up restricted airways by rebalancing the magnetic field around the lungs. This non-invasive therapy is completely painless and medication-free. Few therapy sessions may be needed initially to retrain the body’s magnetic alignment.

Benefits of Biomagnetism for People with Asthma

  • Reduces inflammation in the lungs
  • Relaxes bronchial spasms to open up airways
  • Increases lung capacity and oxygen flow
  • Balances pH levels in the body
  • Supports the immune system
  • Enhances the effectiveness of conventional asthma medications
  • Lessens the severity and frequency of asthma attacks
  • Improves breathing and reduces wheezing
  • Decreases the need for inhaler use over time
  • Offers safe, drug-free asthma relief

However, larger-scale studies are still needed to determine the efficacy of this alternative therapy. Biomagnetism is considered an alternative therapy and will not replace standard medical treatment for managing asthma. Consult your health professionals before starting the therapy so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be prepared for quicker healing.

Alternative Therapies for Asthma

There are a variety of natural and holistic therapies that some people with asthma find helpful in conjunction with traditional medical treatment. These include:

Acupuncture: Small needles are placed in specific spots on the body. This ancient Chinese method aims to unblock energy and restore balance. Some studies show it may help reduce asthma symptoms and improve quality of life.

Yoga and breathing exercises: Yoga is a gentle exercise. The poses loosen the body. Deep breathing helps get more air into the lungs. This may prevent asthma flare-ups. Special pranayama breathing techniques are good for the lungs. These involve breath control exercises.

Herbal remedies: Herbs like ginger, boswellia and turmeric have healing properties. A natural medicine doctor knows how to use them. The herbs may aid asthma if used properly under guidance.

Homeopathy: Very diluted solutions are used in homeopathy. These fluids can cause asthma symptoms in healthy people. But in asthma patients, they may trigger healing. Studies have not clearly shown if homeopathy works for asthma.

Diet changes: Eating more fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats can help. These foods reduce swelling from asthma. Avoiding common triggers like dairy, gluten, and sugar may also help. Changing your diet takes work but could ease asthma.

FAQs About Biomagnetism and Asthma

Does Biomagnetism help asthma?

For asthma, it aims to lessen swelling in the lungs and open up the airways. If it works, this could make breathing easier and reduce asthma flare-ups. But more big studies are still needed to know if it truly helps asthma.

Is Biomagnetism safe?

Yes, biomagnetism is considered very safe. It is non-invasive, meaning nothing enters the body. The magnets are just placed gently on the skin in certain spots. There is no pain or needles involved.

How long are the magnets worn in biomagnetism therapy?

In a session, the magnets are usually left on the body for 30 to 60 minutes. Multiple sessions over weeks or months may be needed to fully rebalance the body’s magnetic field.

Are there any side effects of biomagnetism?

There are no known major side effects. Some people report a minor tingling feeling at first. However, people with metal implants, pacemakers, and pregnant women should have to avoid this therapy. 

Wrapping Up!

Regular medicine is still the best way to control ongoing asthma symptoms. But some people may find extra therapies helpful too. These should only be done under an experienced doctor’s supervision.

Biomagnetism is one option to look at. It uses magnets in a safe, gentle way. It aims to lower swelling in the lungs and open airways. See if adding alternative therapies along with your regular asthma treatment might be good for you. 

To learn more about biomagnetism

Dr. Garcia is an expert in biomagnetism. He has 14 years of experience. His life’s work is making biomagnetism therapy well-known. He gives training sessions and seminars all over the USA. This makes biomagnetism accessible to more people. Hundreds of his students are now practicing biomagnetism therapy.