Aftermarket Car Parts Are Solution To Toyota’s Issues

Being a sports car, the Toyota supra mk5 has many cool and technologically advanced features. The Supra was quite popular, and its Twin Turbo engine outperformed those of rival supercars in everyday driving. Since replacement parts are readily available, the price is lower than previous versions.

The Supra’s performance in road tests exceeded expectations, even when matched to more expensive vehicles. With the price drop from previous models, this is now a realistic option for everyone in the market for a high-quality automobile. However, you should be aware of a few issues if you plan to buy a GR Supra.

Problems vehicle owners face

Quiver steering wheel

The Toyota supra mk5 is the brand’s latest model, but a problem has been identified with the vehicle’s steering wheel when the vehicle gains pace. The experts say the misaligned wheels are the main reason behind this problem. However, this issue can be fixed easily by switching to aftermarket car parts

However, selecting an aftermarket steering wheel is also a hectic process. Why? Because the aftermarket steering wheel comes in many different shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and dimensions. In light of these factors, you must decide:

  • Depending on your driving preferences 
  • Desired level of comfort
  • Willingness to remove the airbag 
  • Replace it with a racing harness.

Oil consumption issues

The engines of the 2020 and 2021 models have some differences. It brings 47 more horsepower for beginners, but this increase has some caution. To get this excess power, the pistons must be switched, and the cylinder must be upgraded. Still, many owners have objections to its oil consumption, claiming that the vehicle now needs more oil than before. 

Those who have driven vehicles with this problem attribute it to a “limp mode” malfunction caused by the piston rings. As a possible solution, Toyota is replacing engines and accepting affected vehicle returns. If you’re going to buy a Supra, hopefully, that won’t happen to you, but just in case, make sure to check the oil often.

Messy paint coating

The condition of the car’s paint is something else to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to buy a Toyota supra mk5. It has been reported that the clear finish on the car’s paint develops white bubbles or patches in a few instances. When one Supra owner saw them, he brought his vehicle to the Toyota store, where he was advised that heating the engine would fix the problem. They had to be heated with a heat gun or left in the sunlight for a while to remove the paint stains.

He gave them both a shot but to no effect; Toyota even swapped out his Supras on him. Of course, that service is not always guaranteed, but this example highlights the need to thoroughly inspect a Supra’s paint before making a purchase.

If you face the same problem, the possible solution is to take the car to an aftermarket parts store, as they sell matching touch-up paint. They can examine the damage and provide a solution. Paint the afflicted region and allow it to dry.

Buffeting nuisance 

You will probably notice the infamous wind buffeting sounds if you own a Supra in 2020 or 2021. In essence, the form of the window causes turbulence that, when the windows are rolled down at any speed, creates an irritating sound throughout the cabin reminiscent of a helicopter.

Even though this is a minor flaw in the vehicle’s design, there are low-priced aftermarket car parts readily available to fix this issue.

Wrap up 

Toyota supra mk5 is a great and dependable automobile, although it suffers from the aforementioned problems. If properly cared for, a Supra may provide its owner many years of enjoyable driving.

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