IT Support Services Provider

6 Questions to Ask Your IT Support Services Provider

In any business, an IT support services provider is considered a superhero. You can call them anytime, they act fast and provide you with what you need. But how to find one that is perfect for your company? What are the key things that you need to be asking them? That is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Let’s get started:

How Far Are They Located?

The first question you would be asking them is how far are they located. Usually, a large portion of issues can be sorted remotely but sometimes, something needs to be done when someone is present there with you. When the issues hit, you wouldn’t want to be feeling stranded so it’s better to find an IT support services provider nearby. If a company is within a reasonable distance of you then it can be pretty productive for you.

1.   Are they Certified?

Certification is the ultimate thing that is considered when finding the right company that can provide them with the services they need. Make sure that the company has certified professionals. Microsoft and many other large outlets offer certifications and even partnerships so make sure to ask who vouches for this company’s knowledge. Anybody could call themselves an IT specialist but to prove that, they need to have a certificate.

2.   What does everybody say about them?

For other people who have already had an experience, their opinion matters a lot. Case studies and testimonials help a lot in understanding what kind of service you can expect. Reading reviews is something everyone must do when buying something. You will get to see companies host testimonials of their clients on their websites. Google reviews also help. You can even compare one company’s services with otters to make sure what you are getting into.

3.   How quick can they be?

Unlike other companies, IT support services providers do not have a definite time frame for fixing an issue. It always depends upon the issues. You need to ask how quickly they can respond to a problem. The response time is what matters the most. Some companies even have different response times based on packages. When you combine research with your review research, you can easily make a good decision. Also, check into the SLA agreement, and check if they have a no-charge policy for the companies.

4.   Is the service agreement transparent?

You need to look at their website. Look at the service agreement that has been drafted during your inquiries. And check if there are any hidden bumps in the contract to make sure that you stay on the right track with this company at hand. Also, see what maintenance work is not included in the monthly charges. You should know what you are getting and what your business may require.

5.   What is the worst IT Disaster you have ever managed

This question may be a tricky one but a good one as well. You surely don’t want them telling you that they never had to face a disaster. Anyone who has ever worked in the IT department for a significant amount of time has dealt with a disaster of some scale. Also, ask what steps they took to recover from a disaster and how they resolved the issues. And how long it took them to resolve it. Answers to these questions will tell you what to expect from a company in case of a company crisis. Those answered questions will tell you a lot about a company and how they proceed and what techniques they use. It will show you that they are open and honest with you.


When you are looking for an IT support services provider, always ask questions like whether they are certified or not. How far are they located? What does everybody say about them? How quickly can they respond? Whether the service agreement is transparent and what the worst IT disaster they have recovered a company from? Most importantly you can ask them about the steps they considered taking while resolving the IT support issues. All of these questions are important to ask when you are in search of a good IT service provider. Thanks for reading!