How to ask patients for google reviews

5 Ways to Ask Patients for Google Review

Ways to Ask Patients for Google Review

Streamline the review-gathering process

Most of your patients won’t leave reviews if doing so is difficult. Try out several procedures while keeping them as simple and automated as you can. Consider providing a variety of options so that the patient can select the one that is most comfortable for him or her. It is advised to provide a hyperlink on your website that points to the location of the review form, clearing up any uncertainty and reducing the number of clicks. This will make it quick and simple for the patient to complete the review and submit and how to ask patients for Google reviews.

Strengthen presence on third-party reviews sites

As new patients are likely to read and browse reviews on all the pertinent third-party review websites, make sure you are active on all of them.To ensure that your listing is current and presents a professional image, you may want to add images, contact information, reply to comments, and complete the “About Us” section. Grab the URLs for each of these sites so you may post the link on your social media accounts, send it to patients in the body of emails asking for reviews, or include it in marketing materials like brochures.

Incentivize reviews

Think about giving patients who evaluate your dental office a 5 or 10 percent discount. Both parties benefit from the circumstance, which will motivate more clients to publish reviews right away.

Make sure to communicate this incentive in a way that promotes favourable reviews and lists all the advantages of picking your dental office over those of your rivals. But make sure your patients believe they are being rewarded, not bought off by this you can how to ask patients for Google reviews.

Share links in communication with patients

A modest approach can work wonders, even though an upfront request for a review might provide huge outcomes. Your normal communication mailings to patients can give them an easy method to share feedback by including a visible “Write A Review” CTA. A subtle strategy would be to include a straightforward “Share Your Feedback” button along with a link to the relevant social networking site or review site.

Follow-up with patients

Just because a patient did not post a review the first time you asked does not mean he or she will never leave one. You might have contacted them at the wrong time, or the patient just simply forgot. We recommend creating email templates to follow up, sending an email 1-2 weeks after the initial review was requested. Persistent follow-ups will keep your dental practice fresh in the patients’ minds and provides a strong representation of the care your practice provides