Entrepreneurship is one way to become

financially free. However, it’s not a substitute for hard work,. Entrepreneurs must possess certain qualities in order to be successful. It’s not just about putting resources together, neither is it just about having brilliant ideas, those are great! But not enough.

Below are 5 qualities that will make anyone, a successful entrepreneur, irrespective of whatever form of entrepreneurship they decide to embark on.

1. Passion/Self-Motivation: I put them together because, where passion can be termed to be love for whatever someone has decided to do, Self-Motivation is the conscious act of keeping that love alive within you. Though it could be influenced by external factors and other people, a large part of it MUST come from within, the fire must be kept burning within. Otherwise, one may wake up with another passion, or may even discover that the passion they once felt has become exhausted.

2. Self-Discipline: Probably almost everyone has heard this or is aware of this term. But it does not stop at knowing it, it’s the application of it that matters, you have to get yourself to keep being the entrepreneur you’ve decided to be irrespective of how you’re feeling or not feeling. You must consistently put in the hard work.

3. Risk-taking: This does not mean doing whatever you feel without considering the consequences – NO! Risk-taking is considering all your options and choosing to stand by one of them. One must carefully and calculatedly consider the choices they’ve made or are about to make! The process of sticking by a well-considered option and not just making impulsive actions is what risks are.

4. Creative/Innovative Thinking: I consider these to be inseparable. Because, whereas an idea can be new to you, it could already be in existence. So innovative thinking is the extra ingredient that would make even an already existing idea appear new! Entrepreneurs must consciously create new ideas and make them appear new in actuality!

5. Persistence: This sounds basic but could turn out to be no longer working, that’s the time to persevere and tell yourself that they will work! You may have to go back to the drawing board and restructure or come up with better ways of being an entrepreneur. You may even have to increase your knowledge in your field. But persistence is that extra patience in yourself, and belief that you will be a successful entrepreneur, irrespective of how unsuccessful your present may seem.

I hope this makes sense, please leave a feedback or question in the comment section.



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