5 Bad Practices that Can Cause Back and Spine Problems

When you are constantly experiencing back pain, it’s best to take time out and get yourself checked up. Even though it might not be anything serious, it’s better to tackle things early on to avoid severe issues later on. 

You might be doing some activities in your routine that cause back pain. With healthy lifestyle changes, you can maintain fitness and avoid back and neck pain.

Here is a list of practices that are harmful to your back so that you can avoid them next time. 

Carrying Heavy Bags

If you like to carry their heavy bags on your shoulders then you need to reconsider what you are doing. When you carry a heavy bag on one side of your shoulder, your body becomes imbalanced. 

By doing it daily, you also put a strain on your spine and get it out of balance too. It’s best to switch to a smaller bag and only carry what you need to. You can keep some heavy things in your locker at your office or school to avoid carrying them daily. 

Sleeping on a Worn Out Mattress 

If you are sleeping on a mattress that has lost its stiffness and is worn out then you need to get a new one. With an old mattress, your spine is not getting the support that it needs. A good mattress lasts about ten years. 

With a new mattress, your back can get support and you will wake up feeling fresh and well-rested. A new mattress will prevent your back from sinking too far into the bed. If your new mattress still can’t solve your back problem then your spine might be what is the real issue. Get yourself a medical checkup from a healthcare center that specializes in spine surgery and therapy. 

High Heels 

Wearing high heels on most days can put force on your back and joints. However, your heel can also hurt when you take off your heels. 

But when choosing flats, be careful as they can cause damage too by causing your feet to move side to side and disturb your body weight. The best solution is to wear sneakers for daily wear for comfort. 

Sitting Most of the Day

People who work at a desk job often experience neck and back pain. Sitting all day may seem like a good thing but it gets hard to maintain a good posture which also leads to weakness in back muscles. 

Sitting most of the day does more damage than standing and puts pressure on your spine. If your office offers a standing desk then consider switching to the standing position to maintain your posture. Also, make sure that your head is straight and not leaning forward when using the computer screen. 

Skipping Workouts 

Make sure to work out consistently as it is vital to building your muscle tone. When you go about your days without exercise, your muscles get stiff and your spinal discs become degenerated. 

With poor posture, your muscles can get weak with time. Work out at least 3 days a week to avoid muscle stiffness and back pain.