ZikTalk App Earning Realities or Deceptive Fakes?

A platform akin to TikTok or Instagram Reels, offering short videos, where druggies can earn prices or commemoratives as they engage and contribute. It’s a space suggesting flicks or rolls, allowing druggies to earn honorary particulars while participating in short videotape content.

Earn tokens by watching videos on various platforms that offer rewards for engagement. Explore apps like Swagbucks or blockchain-based platforms such as LBRY, where users can earn tokens by viewing content. Additionally, gaming and content creation platforms often provide in-game rewards or ad-based token systems for watching videos.

Ziktalk real or fake

  • Still, there is an app called ZikTalk that might catch your interest, If you enjoy watching or producing videos. 
  • The app asserts that you can admit prices for each videotape you produce.
  •  The offer is relatively enticing, and I can see why you might be intrigued. nonetheless, I explosively recommend reading this review of the ZikTalk app before diving in.
  •  I have examined the app to understand its functionality, explore its features, and assess its performance relative to other apps furnishing analogous openings. 
  • By doing so, you will have a clear understanding of what to anticipate before getting a member. Latterly,
  •  you can make an informed decision about whether the App is authentically worth using or not. Clearly, let’s do and examine ZikTalk more closely, shall we?

Positive reviews

  • Then are some positive aspects we discovered: 
  • The presence of a valid SSL instrument ensures secure data transmission.
  •  The website has been established several times, indicating stability. 
  • DNSFilter identifies this point as safe. 
  • Flashstart has vindicated the point for malware and phishing. 
  • Maltiverse respects this website as safe.


Negative reviews


  • Then are some negative aspects we linked: 
  • The proprietor’s identity is concealed in WHOIS records. 
  • The Tranco rank indicates fairly low website business. 
  • The website is positioned in a high- threat country.
  • Scamadviser has flagged this website as an implicit fiddle . 
  • Negative reviews have been linked for this website.

How much money can you make?

I’ll tell you right now the quantum you can earn from ZikTalk wo n’t be a lot. Let me give you an illustration. As mentioned before, you’ll earn 3 ZIK when notoriety follows you. 


This is the loftiest price you can earn. While it might sound like a lot, the financial value of 3 ZIK is actually lower thanWhile it might sound like a lot, the financial value of 3 ZIK is actually lower than$0.01 at the moment of writing this review, so the prices are actually veritably low..01 at the moment of writing this review, so the prices are actually veritably low. 


To put it into perspective, the financial worth of 50 ZIK is only worthTo put it into perspective, the financial worth of 50 ZIK is only worth$0.05, and 3,000 ZIK will only be around$ 3..05, and 3,000 ZIK will only be around$ 3. So, you’ll really need to get thousands of views and hundreds of followers from members before you can indeed earn a decent sum from this app. And that will take quite a lot of time to achieve.


 The time- to- plutocrat rate of this app is veritably low, which is why I would say you’re better off investing your time in apps or spots that offer advanced earning potential.However, I suggest you check out the stylish ways to earn Bitcoin for free rather, If you want to earn crypto efficiently.

About website



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ziktalk.net, www.ziktalk.net




Short video platform. Earn rewards for every video you create!

Domain age

8 years from now

Website Speed


SSL certificate valid


SSL type

Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

SSL issuer

Let’s Encrypt

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Industry – Media – Movies, Language – English

Company review

In the company review, the website proprietor’s identity has been designedly concealed. While this measure may be in place to help spammers from reaching website possessors via dispatch, it also complicates the process of relating to the proprietor. We’d prefer it if the website handed transparent information about the proprietor’s identity.

Webshop review

In the webshop review, it’s noted that the Tranco ranking for this website is comparatively low, especially when compared to other websites from the same country.However, it’s recommended to invest fresh time in probing the company, as the low ranking raises reservations, If you anticipated this website to be largely popular. For lower or newer websites, a low ranking might be considered normal.


Also, the sphere name of this website was registered several times ago , generally enhancing its responsibility. Still, it’s pivotal to remain watchful, as scammers might acquire websites and engage in fraudulent conditioning. Thus, it’s judicious to check for other implicit fiddle pointers.


Technical Review:

The website is hosted in a country flagged by the International Banking Federation for a high position of fraud and corruption. Accordingly, there’s an increased threat associated with conducting business with similar countries.

An SSL instrument has been linked, indicating that the data changed between your cybersurfer and the website is translated and secure from unauthorised access. While SSL instruments are generally employed by licit and secure websites, it’s important to note that scammers are also espousing them. Thus, the presence of an SSL instrument doesn’t guarantee the trustability of the website.


In my opinion, ZikTalk isn’t worth your time. The earning eventuality of this app is simply too low. You’re better off earning from apps or spots with advanced earning implicit, so you can make use of your free time more efficiently.