20 Great Search Engines used as Substitutes of Google!

20 Great Search Engines used as Substitutes of Google!


While we have to search for anything on the internet, most of us prefer to use Google search engines. But most of us don’t know that there are many other search engines which we can use instead of Google. In this blog our Assignment Expert will tell you about the 20 great search engines that you can use without hesitation instead of Google.

1.       WolframAlpha: this search engine is completely based on computation and metrics. It provides you various historical information by date, stock data, website data and many more options.

2.         Blog search engine: here you can search blogs and posts using keywords.

3.    Buzzsumo: if you want to search a particular topic and want to check the website where it was mostly shared then it is the perfect search engine for you.

4.    Twitter search: another best search option is Twitter’s Advanced Search. It is one of the best ways to find premium quality results on Twitter. It’s a good option for businessmen. By using these search engines local businessmen can easily find local audiences and customers by allowing the filtering option using the Near this place field.

5.         Ecosia: it is such a search engine that uses its surplus income to conservationist organizations that plant trees. Ecosia never compromises with high quality results.

6.         SlideShare: this search engine is apt for sharing presentations.

7.         Dogpile: it is another common search engine. It gives you the results pulling from the top three search engines without making any mess.

8.         Qwant: it is mainly a Paris based search engine whose first priority is to protect your privacy. They remain neutral as a result to protect user’s privacy by preserving the digital ecosystem.

9.         Flickr: here you can find various photos, screenshots and different types of videos too.

10.    Keyhole: it gives you opportunity to search for keywords, hashtags and URLs too.

11.    Boardreader: by using it you can search various forums and narrow results based on date and language.

12.    TinEye: if you want to know the source of an image then TinEye is apt for you. It’ll tell you the origin of any image.

13.    StartPage: are you looking for such a website that will not track your search history? Then Startpage is the best option for you. It allows you to search anything that you want without being tracked with cookies and trackers.

14.    DuckDuckGo: it is such a type of search engine that never tracks or personalizes your search history and results. On the contrary they offer handy visual guides on Google tracking and filter bubbling.


15.    Pinterest : it is considered to be the ultimate image platform  for searching for visual products like clothes, cars, household things etc. Before using it, you’ve to open an account here.

16.    Gigablast: it is an open source search engine.

17.    Scribd: it is a renowned social reading and publishing website that allows you to access the original written content on the web.

18.    Bing: it gives you premium quality image search with top trending image suggestions. You can edit these images according to your size, layouts and based on other needs.

19.    Wikimedia: it has more than 12million images, videos etc. you can choose according to your need. You can use its search box based on categories used on different types of media.

20.  Yahoo: using Yahoo you can search various video content available on YouTube, Myspace and other online video portals too. Based on your topic you’ll get to access the videos.


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March 7, 2022

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