15 Best Social Media Blogs of 2022 That You Need To Follow

If you talk about internet marketing, one cannot leave behind social media. The way it is transforming our lifestyle, bringing about the change in so many countries and giving a voice to the people, social media is an immense part of internet world these days. As a marketer, it is essential for you to consider this massive portion of virtual world while designing and planning your strategies.

We are today here with a handpicked list of best social media blogs where you can get firsthand knowledge about the aspects and trends of social media without paying a penny. Let’s get started with the best 15 social media blogs of 2022 that you need to bookmark right away.

  1. Social Media Explorer

One of the best places for anyone who wish to know more about latest social media trends, tools and its impact on marketing and PR in general. Founded by Jason Falls, social Media Explorer is a must visit for social media marketer.

  1. Social Media Today

With a mix of Social network news and tips to grow in social media marketing, Social Media today offers a lot for various social media platforms. You can also be a part of it, ask questions for your queries and resolve them through their live Twitter chats using hashtag #SMTLive on social media trends and topics twice a month. Do try it next time.

  1. Web Ink Now

Read about what author and speaker, David Meerman Scott has to say about social media marketing and its impact under different situations and trends. What makes his content best is that it is easy to understand, even for someone who is not an internet marketer.

  1. The Social Media Hat

Known as an all in one resource for content marketers, Social Media Hat provides simple yet logical solutions to your social media problems. You can also learn about new marketing tools, social media trends, email marketing tactics through this site.

  1. Mari Smith

Known as the Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith gives you immense knowledge on Facebook trends and insights. For every social media marketer, this blog is like a holy grail with amazing video marketing advice and blogs on latest Facebook trends.

  1. Jon Loomer

Learn about all things Facebook and its marketing strategies with Jon Loomer through his podcasts and video tutorials. You can read articles on various Facebook marketing trends as well.

  1. The Future Buzz

If you wish to find out more about any social media trend or whether it is useful for you in the long run, Adam Singer’s blog The future Buzz is the place for you. They scrutinise and analyse every new trend as well as ideas often shared by other marketers.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

The blog provides up-to-date info on using various online marketing tools and utilising social media for your business. You need not be an expert to understand all the strategies and tactics mention over here.

  1. biz

Get well explained and comprehensive understanding of the social media content including How-tos, business news, new trends, tools, and marketing topics on this website. It will help you to grow as a marketer with its immense in-depth knowledge.

  1. Social Media Examiner

For those who are looking for advices on social media marketing, Social Media Examiner is the best place. They update the site with regular How to content on social media and internet marketing in association of amazing authors and marketers.

  1. ProBlogger

If you wish to make it big with your blog across social and digital channels, ProBlogger is the website for you. Learn about all the its and bits related to developing a good blog piece and strategising to make it go viral.

  1. Search Engine Land

This is something best about Search Engine Land- it covers all the aspects of internet marketing including social media marketing as well. Get expert opinion and inside information on latest trends over here.

  1. Sprout Social

Stay updated with the best social media practices with Sprout Social’s Insight blog. You can up your game in the social media marketing with its tips and tricks.

  1. The Moz Blog

Moz is not a new name in the internet marketing field. However, not everyone knows that it also provides essential info on social media marketing as well along with SEO. Learn about new expert tools and tips for social media marketing from SEO perspective.

  1. Razor Social

If you want to brush your skills of using content in social media marketing, Razor Social can come in handy over here with its social media blog. They provide essential information on using marketing tools and developing content strategies.

January 14, 2022

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